Tuesday, April 10, 2012

7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

7 New Facebook Changes Impacting Businesses

Facebook has been bringing in innovative features and updates regularly and the altered look of Facebook has optimal usability for business owners.  Let’s overview seven changes that have gained popularity among the business owners:

    The New Profile Image and Cover Photo Feature: Through this feature, you can attract enough attention towards your profile or business page on Facebook. Cover Photo is a feature that I like most, because it offers you a vast space to be more presentable for your customers. This feature of cover photo, as opposed to the old photo strips on top, is fabulous because it grants a bold impact or presence to the business owners.


 Cover photo dimensions are around 850 x 315 pixels. However, there are few restrictions related to cover pictures for Business Owners and before posting a cover photo, you must read the Facebook policy about it.  The Dimensions of profile picture are 180 x 180 pixels and business holders may use it for logo display etc. 

    Pinned, Highlighted and Larger Posts: the best thing about Facebook is the fascinating manner or story telling that goes around there. The new features of picture and videos make them more eye-catchy and highlighted. You can also choose to highlight a particular story and it remains that way on your timeline. You can also make use of the “Pin” feature, through which a post can be pinned on top for a week or so.

    Milestone Availability: Milestones is another fascinating thing in the new Facebook timeline. Through this feature, you can share with your customers the important events or stages in your business. In other words, you can share your success or achievement story with the world. The fan posts occupy a separate area and for this reason, you can use timeline for the story about your business in a more focused manner. A more visually engaging timeline is better than a totally worded one.

       More Apps: the new Facebook has rid every one of the previous landing tab. There are, still, a lot of applications available and you can also create a customized welcome tab. You can showcase around 12 apps and out of these 4 will be dominant (will be highlighted by you).

     Facebook Deals: This is the most awaited feature. Through this your page gets heard and a vast fan recognition by spreading of Facebook offer message or post. This feature can prove to be a tremendous hit for your business and it, specially, works best for small business promotion. You can offer little free things to your customers, in order to attract them via Facebook Deals.

       Admin Page Insights and Messaging: The insight page has also been changed and you can access it, conveniently, by going to the Admin panel from the upper right corner. Admin panel also offers a varied navigation, now.

       Advertising through Facebook: Now, Facebook ads are going to be larger and much profitable to the business owners.

 These are only seven out of the many already made or about to come changes in Facebook Pages and Profiles!

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