Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to install GeForce 540M Driver on Ubuntu 12.04 Precice Pangolin

On Windows installing Nvidia driverrs are very easy.Download .exe file of your software and double click on it.But in Ubuntu it is  difficult.One method of installing Nvidia driver is from Ubuntu software center.This method is very easy.

Open Software center -& Search for 'Nvidia'  and click on install

Method 2

This is more difficult.It is from Nvidia website.Search for your driver and download ".run" file.For 540M size of this file is less than 60MB.

After Downloading open Terminal


cd Downloads
sudo sh

Enter password

sibin@sibin-Ideapad-Z570:~$ cd Downloads/
sibin@sibin-Ideapad-Z570:~/Downloads$ sudo sh
[sudo] password for sibin:


Error message occure if you are using x windows.Use command section instead of using Graphical section

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Thanks for information bro i follow your instruction thanks man.


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