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How to configure a Wi-Fi router

How to configure a Wi-Fi router
So, are you looking for ways and instruction manuals over the internet to configure a Wi-Fi router? Well, this article provides you the information that may help you out in configuring a Wi-Fi router appropriately. Some people may grasp the configuration process and its steps quickly while others may require some time to understand this concept. However, the whole process of configuring a Wi-Fi router is not so difficult and in this article you are going to have an, even, easier version of the process.

The Basic Steps You Need to Take!
There are few very basic and important steps that you must take in order to configure the Wi-Fi router appropriately or to initiate the configuration process. Firstly connect the DSL broadband modem or cable, along with your computer to router’s back-side. In order to start the process, you must remove the old router from the system and then connect your PC to Ethernet port (the first one) via a special Ethernet cable. Then, with another Ethernet cable you must connect your modem to the WAN port of router. Finally, plug in the router to AC supply and turn on the power. Router should take a minute or two, to come to life.

Open up a web browser and type the router’s IP address (this is the default address that is usually given in the manual). Once the configuration screen appears, you may change the SSID (Service Set Identifier), Channel settings, and WEP key to match them to the old router. Pick one channel to be used as a default by the router and enable DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Apply the changes and make exit. 

Simplifying the Process of Configuration!
The general process of Wi-Fi configuration initiates by connecting a router to the system that is also attached to broadband modem (your laptop), through this, automated configuration software initiates and gathers all the required information without needing any intermediary assisting devices.

List of a Typical Configuration Process:
Following is a list of the whole Wi-Fi router configuration process, so you may not get confused about the precise steps:
  1. Firstly, cut off the power supply to broadband modem by simply removing the power supply.
  2. Now connect power adapter to back panel of your wireless router.
  3. After this, you should plug the adapter into AC power supply and also check that the LED (power indicator) is illuminating.
  4. Now make connection between broadband modem and an Ethernet cable.
  5. Connect the modem back to the power supply.
  6. Now, insert the second end of Ethernet cable into wide area network (WAN) port that is located on the back sided panel of your wireless router.
  7. Once you have done that, you can now use another Ethernet cable to make connection between the LAN port 1 and any other available Ethernet port on laptop NIC.
  8. Now, shut down the laptop and restart it (being connected to Wi-Fi router). Wait for the OS to load completely, then, open a web browser and search for default or automated setup window of wireless router.
  9. Press Enter!
  10. According to the make of your device, you be asked to provide a username and password. Consult the manual for detailed instructions.

Generally, an automatic setup wizard would also enable you to create password protected profile, so you can better control the router settings.
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