Sunday, March 18, 2012

Download latest EPIC browser 1.9

EPIC is a native indian browser ,which is the only browser in the world with inbuilt antivirus software.This browser designed specially for Indian users.You can find wallpaers and themes related to india and famous indian legends.It is developed by Hidden reflex ,a group of indian youth ,they want to spred indian cultures everywhere.Epic browser based on Mozilla firefox.80% settings from Mozilla Firefox.So customization is very easy.It has differnt look from Firefox.

This web browser come with large number of inbuilt widgets including social and chat clients.Radio button present in the side bar support more than 100 stations which help you to listen all songs.My computer button help you to browse your hard disk drives.It work as Explorer.Thousand of theme make your browser a beautiful one.


Language support:Epic support more than 13 indian languages including Malayalam and Tamils.Inbuilt text editor allow you to type in your language.It is a local browser.

Games.On your side bar you can find game icon .1000 + games available in different categories.These category consisit Action games,World class games ,kids games and more.

India content:  India content give all latest news in india including latest politicals and cricket news .It also give latest film news.You can make this browser as a news paper.In every morning click on epic browser and read all latest indian news.

Epic browser 1.9

Inbuilt antivirus software scan all downloaded contents,it also support antiphing,it make your browsing more secure.In these days most of our password hack using phishing methods.

Download latest Epic browser 1.9

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow, so nice update i like your effort, thanks for sharing. 

stellajhones said...

fast efficient and more friendly user ...when these words joined a epic recipe ready ..i was so excited to  use mozilla and web browser ...replica


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