Sunday, March 11, 2012

Download Free Mozilla Firefox 13.0a -Firefox add Speed Dial and Twitter search

Firefox 13.0a is a new Web browser from Mozilla.It is pre alpha release or Nightly version.In every new release of Mozilla final versions.Next versions will move from Nighty to Aurora and Aurora to beta.Then a new version will come to Nightly channel.Because of Increasing Browser wars.Mozilla need new features.After the release of Internet Explore ,Microsoft came back.But Mozilla still in second place because of the Linux and other OS.

Firefox 13.01 alpha version

New Features

Mozilla also add new features which are currently used in Internet Explorer and Chrome.Just look

Speed Dial in Firefox 13

Like all other new Web Browser ,Firefox also add Speed Dials to Firefox 13.Opera bring Speed Dial in Browsers..Unfortunately Firefox Speed Dial is not attracted like IE or Opera.But Speed Dials are needed for Fast browsing.For Tablets Speed Dials are very important compared with PC. In Tablets and Mobiles speed dials makes browsing very easy.

Twitter search

I don't know it is new or old.It is the first time i found Twitter search on Firefox.

Twitter search is very important now.Because all latest  news and updates first come in Twitter ,Facebook etc before other sites and medias.

Other features are:

Inspect for Developers :Using this Option we can browse a website in 3D mode.Actually it is not a 3D mode.It is Layer by Layer mode.

The main features are Speed Dials and Twitter search.

Firefox add a lot of internal software modifications including latest HTML 5,Security features.Browsing speed increases ,1-5% faster than previous versions.

Download Firefox 13 from Nightly channel

Windows 32-64 bit

Download Mozilla Firefox 13 -Windows 32 bit

Firefox 13 64 bit

Linux 32-64 bit

Download Mozilla Firefox 13-Linux 32 bit -Source file ( format)
Firefox 13 for 64 bit

Windows and Linux-Size of the file :Less than 20 MB (17 MB for Windows and 20 MB for Linux -64 bit)

Mac OS X Mountain Lion,Lion,Snow Leopard ,Tiger

Download Mozilla Firefox for mac
File size:40MB

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Wow, thanks for sharing  Mozilla Firefox for free downloading.I like it this is very useful & demanding.

stellajhones said...

thanks for the link i have already it and i love it cause the history checking and recapture the previous link in case of accidentally shutdown is very easy...


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