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Most awaited Apple iPad 3 features

Most awaited Apple iPad 3 features

Retina Display
iPad 3 is expected to have a retina display with a very high pixel density that makes images very vivid to human eye. iPad 3 is might have a screen resolution of 2058 x 1536. There are lot of facts supporting this rumor as in the developer versions of iOS 5 there had been images of this resolution.

iPad 2 already had HDMI connectivity but there needed an extra adapter for connecting the tablet to external displays. This limitation might be removed in the upcoming tablet. iPad 3 HDMI port will be fully-fledged one. The processor capabilites of iPad 3 is going to facilitate proper High Definition Media processing and so HDMI output will be necessary.

7-inch screen
Apple users have always complained that the screen size of iPad and iPad 2 is large for ordinary usage. Tech geek have opined that one reason for the success of Samsung Galaxy Tabs is the 7.7 inch display size version. So iPad 3 screen size is expected to be almost 7 inch. This is going to be the main change in design specs of iPad 3

Quad core A6 processor
iPad 2 had dual-core A5 processor while iPad 3 is rumored to have a quad-core Apple A6 processor. With a quad-core performance iPad 3 will offer a performance and energy efficiency more than desktop systems. A6 will have four ARM based cores.

iPad 3 Siri
Siri was a personal voice assistant application launched in iPhone 4S. With this application you can simply talk to iDevice just as you are talking to a normal human being and the Siri will give you responses just as a human. With the success of the application on dual-core A5 processor jailbreakers managed to port Siri to iPhone 4 and 3GS as well. With a quad-core performance in iPad 3 Siri is expected to perform even better.

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