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How to Reduce Windows startup time

How to Reduce Windows start up time

Windows startup time vary with Computers.Powerful computer's need less time to boot and slow computer need more time.But some powerful computers also took more time to start.Mainly this due to our installed software's.Many software's automatically check it's updates during start-up.This type of process took more time and our system became slow.We can delete some apps from Startup by using the command 'msconfig' but this not suitable to make our system fast.

One of software is used to optimize Windows is "Kingsoft PC Doctor" which is a powerful Optimizer and Reg cleaner software.Using this software we can clean our system,can delete unwanted help,font files etc...But this software is mainly used to reduce the startup or booting time.

Kingsoft PC doctor 3.3
Features of Kingsoft PC Doctor


Under Home we can see PC health and PC Diagnose.Diagnose will analyze our system and give PC status.

In same category we can see MyStartUp ,Privacy,SysBooster,Registry,Traffic,Plugin and VuFix .These are used to clean system and also used to increase the speed of system.


Malware Scanner :It is used to scan PC and it will give the details of Malware

Plugin Cleaner:Some Plugins are harm to Computer they may be virus or Keylogger.Plugin Cleaner will clean dangerous or damaged plugins.

System Repair:It is used to repair the system.


System Optimizer:It will scan our system and Optimize after scanning

My startup:It shows startup time .It also help to reduce startup time

Startup Booster:It will show startup applications including audio drivers etc....


This section used to clean or delete unwanted files.There are 5 type cleaning available junk Cleaner,Privacy Cleaner,Registry Cleaner,Large Files and uninstall.We can use scan button to scan and delete files .Link

7chip give 3 /5 to this software.

Download file from

size:13 MB

Platform:Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8

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This Process need Internet connection.Atleast 250MB will download click cancel to stop downloading.

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Kingsoft Logan said...

Hi, thanks for sharing the news and review of Kingsoft PC Doctor with 7chip readers.

We just release 3.4 Lite which include only tuneup features. Our main goal is to help speed up computer overall performance such as slow startup.

Also, admitted that our current effort is mainly on mystartup which was mentioned in this article, glad you like this feature :D. However we do have plan for other optimization ways. The one which is under development is System Booster. 

With system booster enabled, kingsoft pc doctor can help freemem of your computer automaticly or with just one simply click. This can be useful when loading a game / large programs and before shutting down the computer. 

We have not decided how to implement in detail, any suggestion or opinion will be highly appreciated.

Kingsoft Logan


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