Friday, February 10, 2012

Download all your Google data via Google Takeout

Download all your Google data via Google Takeout

Google is one of the internet Giant in the world.People upload thousands of pictures ,data in every seconds.We have no security about our uploaded contents.But we can hope that Our data's are secured by Google.Google add a new feature called Google Takeout that will help you to download uploaded contents like Photos and Profile information's.It support almost all Google services including Buzz,Google plus,Google docs ,profile ,Picasa album and more.

How it help us

We are Google users,some people have long relation between Google products.Suppose a man have Google account ,2 year ago ,he has started to use Google products.In this long duration he may upload contents to Google ,contents may be Photos or Datas.If he lost these data's from his computer ,he can still use that photos by downloading it from Google.Google Takeout will help him.

(Credit:7chip--Click on image to enlarge)

This image shows that we can download contents from more than 10 Google products including your famous Picass album.

How to do?


2.Sign in

3.Select your products

4.Click on Download

5.Save to your folder

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