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5 features that prove that VLC is better than WMP

5 features that prove that VLC is better than WMP

Windows Media Player is a decent media player and I will not criticize it, because I've used it, but do you know that there are more better and free media players. Yep, do you believe that WMP is also free? You still paid at least € 120 to have a nice Windows OS. So, the alternative which I want to talk about is VLC Media Player, a media player that is lightweight and powerful in many features which prove that it is much better than software from Microsoft. Here are six features of VLC player.

VLC media player features
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Automatic Joiner
Its second feature is also very interesting .You can read the archives “. RAR" files directly in VLC. In VLC media player, drag / drop the first file (001.rar) in the VLC player and see what happens ... Miracle, the movie begins!
Watch free TV

VLC media player for mac,Stylish media player
For those who do not know, VLC has some hidden resources. Indeed, you know that you can watch TV on your computer, all free? It is true that many sites offer access to TV channels to watch Live streaming, but with VLC media player, you'll be able to receive video streams and save them ...
Zoom in a video
Let us learn how to use “Zoom "features in VLC player:
· Open your video / movie with VLC and click " Stop "
· Open the menu "Tools "and select "Lists of effects and filters "
· Click the "Video Effects" tab then click the "Geometry".
· Check the "Zoom "and confirm by clicking "Close ".
· Start playing your video / film.
· The top left of the window, drag the rectangle to the area of ​​the image to enlarge
· With the left mouse button, click the gauge and move your mouse pointer up to enlarge the zoom area and down to decrease
· Click on the link "VLC ZOOM HIDE" to remove the dipstick and the thumbnail of the video.
Make video With Captures (frame by frame basis)
Capturing an image on a video is not necessarily an easy thing. Indeed, putting a pause play to a specific place to take a screenshot is almost impossible, unless you spend a good half an hour. To counter this small problem, VLC has a feature for slow reading frame with optional camera.

Here how to ...

· Open your video / movie with VLC and click "Stop"
· Open the menu "View" and select "Advanced Controls "
Four icons are then added to the control panel
· Click the fourth icon from advanced control to activate the frame
· Click on this icon again to advance to the next image
· Once the freeze frame for the capture, click the second icon Advanced Control (photo).

By default, screenshots are automatically saved in the folder "Images" of Windows. If you want to choose your own destination folder then open the "Tools "and click "Preferences". Go to the tab "Video", Section "Screen Capture" and click "Browse". Once you chose destination folder, click the "Save".
Convert videos
Most people say that VLC Media Player can do everything. It can even be used as audio / video converter and in any format. No need to have 36 different software’s on hand to perform a conversion. Let us see how to do it.
· Launch VLC
· Open the menu " Media "and select" Convert / Save ... "
· Under " File ", click" Add "and select the video to convert your computer
· Click the " Convert / Save "
· Choose the destination directory and name your new file using the button " Browse ", under" Destination "
· Then choose the desired format in the " Settings "
· Finally, click " Start "

For me, these are six features that prove that VLC Media Player is better than Windows Media Player. Obviously, there are many more, but the functions listed above are the most obvious and most important to me.
Greg Salter is an Author at Android Updater and has written how to guides for Updating Android Phones. He is an active member of Android forums.

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printer toners said...

I agree with you that VLC is better than everyone right now and i yet not seen any better media player than VLC. 

Anonymous said...

I've used ShootPlayer (SPlayer), its a better video player than vlc plus its also free


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