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Think big to make your blog big in 2012

Think big to make your blog big in 2012

This is your year. We might say the same thing every January, but this year it's going to be true. Why? Because this year it's not just about talking. It's about doing. If we're going to make our blogs better and attract more readers, we have to create a plan and take steps towards our goal.

While your plan will be unique to your own site and goals, there are still a number of steps that anyone can take to build a better blog. Here are a few big, risky steps that could help you propel your site in 2012 and beyond.

Email a new blogger every day

Best 2012 Blogging tips,Latest 2012 BloggingWe all dream of links from blogs bigger than ours. Those links not only boost our egos, but they provide sizable traffic spikes. Sure, that traffic doesn't last, but some people who click over will stick around. Get enough of those links and you'll see genuine gains in readership. But how do you get those links?

The answer is to engage other bloggers. Look up the blogging ladder and see who sits above you. Make a list of every single one of them. The ones in your category or niche should get the highest priority, but you should look as widely as possible. Even if you don't get a link, establishing a relationship with these bloggers can still prove beneficial.

Action: Email a blogger from this list every day. Don't ask for a link. In fact, mention your site only when introducing yourself. After that, launch into a genuine email. Compliment something they've written. Ask them a question. Send them a link to something they might find useful. Whatever it is, be sincere. You might not get emails back from everyone. But you'll at least put your best foot forward.

Attend a conference

While emailing other bloggers will help you expand your social network, it does take time. There is, however, a way you can meet many bloggers at once, and perhaps make a better impression than you could have over email. Every year there are dozens of conferences for bloggers of all types. You can easily find a few that fit your own blog.

The site Blog Conference Guide provides a quality list of upcoming blogging conferences. Some are for certain niches, while other, such as SXSW, are more generally focused. By going to these conferences you'll gain two advantages. One, you'll get insight from other bloggers. There are typically days worth of educational panels and lectures, so you'll be actively learning. Second, you'll get more than enough chances to hobnob with other bloggers. That will help you forge connections.

Action: Search out some cheap flights on a travel site such as Orbitz, which can help you get a good hotel rate as well. Then make a plan. Who do you want to talk to? What will you say when you're face-to-face? How many new contacts do you plan to gain from the conference? Make sure you're prepared before you step foot into the conference location.

Make a Facebook push

More and more we're seeing blogs exist away from their own domains. Almost every blog has a Twitter account. Similarly, almost everyone has a Facebook page as well. Once alternative places for people to read and comment on articles, these entities have turned into primary venues for some people. Many users have abandoned RSS and use Twitter to notify them of posts. Others have abandoned comments sections on post and have gone right to Facebook.

This is an opportunity for any blogger. It will take some active promotion, but in time you can grow your Facebook and Twitter followings. Those big numbers market themselves. Having multiple thousand Likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter is a signal to new visitors that you're credible. It also helps perpetuate a cycle of growth. Get more Facebook fans to expand the audience via Facebook, which expands the audience on-site, which can in turn help grow the Facebook audience.

Action: Block out a month or more to make a big social media push. Put a big Facebook button on the top of your page. It should be enormous -- more noticeable than any other element on the page except the header image. Make a commitment to respond to everyone who tweets at you on Twitter. Interact with others on Facebook. It's a tedious process, but if you focus for just a month you can make big gains.

Write a guest post per week

Guest posting helps accomplish many goals. First, it puts you in contact with other bloggers. Second, it exposes you to an audience that might not have heard of your blog. Third, it gives you experience writing for other publications. There are plenty of other benefits as well. It's hard to think of ways you lose by guest posting.

Sure, you can put the content on your own site, but that's what you do all the time. This is about change, and a change of venue can be the best change of all. If you write good posts, you'll endear yourself to the blog's editor. You'll also show a new audience that you have some chops. Be generous, too: accept guest posts on your site. You'll gain traffic that way, too, since the author will direct his readers towards you.

Action: Make a list of blogs in your category that you'd like to write for. You might not get on the A-listers, but there are plenty of blogs that accept guest posts. You can even look outside your niche a bit. Try to connect your topic to someone else's and pitch them a guest post. Those are sometimes the best.

Joe Pawlikowski is the editor of Prepaid Reviews, a site that covers prepaid wireless services.

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randy oktaran said...

thats incredible tips,I does fb and twitter share every day .And the results is bigger than before

Lisapatb said...

Great tips especially on guest blogging, it increases your readership.

Ahsanul Karim said...

excellent tips for new bloggers. Yea guest blogging is a great place to show your creativity 

Martin said...

guest posting is the best way to build solid, natural and forever link. commenting is also great way.

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Wow, Amazing post man, I really appreciate your content this article has really peaks my interest. all tips is very good & effective, Thanks for sharing. 

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Guest posting is the great way to increase the traffic, great tips, thanks for the sharing.

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Informative and very interesting topic, I've learned a lot. All tips is clear and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work :)
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