Sunday, January 8, 2012

Google Video Player Sample launched

Google Video Player Sample launched

Google Video Player is a Web apps used to Watch Videos just like YouTube.The Video Player Sample is an open source video player web app built using the same architecture as the 60 Minutes and apps.

How it Work

You can subscribe others episode and Watch.When a user opens the Video Player Sample web app, they can choose to watch a single video or create a playlist of videos/episodes from a list that they have uploaded and populated to the app.

We tested this new application.Actually it launched on Jan 6,2 days ago.I didn't understand the different between YouTube and Google Video.I watched two categories and 3 videos.Unlike YouTube.It is Video Player.But i don't know How we can upload Videos to Google Video.YouTube is better than Google Video.

In Google Video player,only a few control is available.Play and Pause and Volume control.Now ,this application only available for Google chrome.It is not a website like YouTube,it is application,but it can play online content.That is the similarity between YouTube and Google Video Player.In other words it is Video player application for Google chrome,that can play your Videos.

Google Video Player
Key features

1.Beautiful Web Browser Player
2.Ability to subscribe to shows ,watch episodes,create play list
3.Multiple format including MP4,Ogg,WebM,Flash
4.Built in support for sharing to Google plus,Twitter and Facebook
5.Easy customization,all source file including the Photoshop PSD's are included
6.Beautiful Design
7.Category selection and subscribing
8.Thumbnail view of Videos

Demo of Google Video Player

-For Web Browser-Try Video Player

This Video Player is for Google chrome.It is a Google chrome application

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