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How to Switch your mobile operator

Porting your cellphone number simply means switching over the operator.And the process is really simple unless some network error happens .Thanks to trai. In this article I would like to provide a detailed “How to “ on porting you mobile operator and clarify your speculations .So here we goes .

Get your Porting code

Sms “Port yournumber“ to 1900 .[Subtitute “yournumber “ with your actual mobile number]Porting code is a verification code so as to prevent somebody else from misusing the service.Some of he operators charge you a nominal charge of Re.1 while some do not .Remember you cannot get your porting code if you cellphone is running on a negative balance.Portin code is delivered instantly to your inbox via sms. Porting code is valid till 15 days from the date of request and once its expired you can request for a new porting code. Its always better to fill out the CAF within 7 days from the request of porting code.

Get your MNP SIM card

Walk in to a retailer or Customercare center of the operator you need to switch to and ask for the MNP sim card. Its justa plane sim card .You need to fill out the CAF (Customer Application Form ] and provide a valid address proof [Copy of ID card ,passport etc . ] & a passport size photo. Now , some of the operators allow you a concession that you can provide any valid id proof , while some others require that it should be same as that of the address registered with the current operator.Once you have filled out the form and collected your MNP Sim card all you have to do is to wait for a week.
It will take time for your application to reach your new operator and get it verified. If everything is Ok they will sent a number release request to your old operator. Once they are ready to release your number to the new operator you will be alerted with an sms that your service with the current operator will be discontinued from XX:XX PM on XX:XX:2012 .The actual time may vary slightly .This usually happens between 11PM and 5 AM. Your number will remain inactive for about 2 hours. After that your new sim card will be active. Put in the sim card anytime into your phone and its done.

The free Pizza offer

This is what many of the people get the porting code for. Once your porting request is received at your current operator they may call you back and offer you some freebies to retain the customer. Usually it is the same offer as that provided to the new coming customers on the network. These offers are valid for 3 months from the date of activation.

Issues faced

If you are a post paidcustomer and have any standing arrears with your current operator your number won’t be allowed to port until you settle the bills.
Newly taken sim cards are unless they complete a period of 90 days with the current operator.

I have heard that sometimes you may end up in a dead lock having your new sim not getting activated even after your number is de-activated with the current operator. But it can be solved by contacting your new operator and making a complaint. I think such issues existed long back when porting facility was launched.

Personally I have ported my mobile number twice and hadn’t faced any problems. The time taken for switching your operator is usually 6 to 7 days from the date of submission of the CAF.Most of the times you are given freebie offers valid for 3 months from date of porting , ie during the “Guest period “. Remember, once you switch over an operator you cannot switch again within 90 days. So be wise to choose your new operator. Happy porting ….

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