Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gnome 3 Transformation pack for Windows 7

We all know about Gnome 3 Interface.A beautiful interface for Debian Linux .Gnome is more beautiful than Unity Interface.New Gnome 3 Skin pack includes Rocket Docks and 3D options.If you have Graphics card you will get 3D options.


1.Windows 7 /SP1
2.512 MB RAM
3.Intel Pentium /Celeron or Higher
4.100 MB Hard Disk
5.Graphics Card for Extra Features /Not needed

Features of Gnome 3 Transformation packs 

3.Icon sets
4.Logon screen
5.Rocket Docks
6.Top Taskbar
7.Gnome sound
8.Sidebar -Unity
9.Welcome screen
10.Screen savers
12..Yodm 3D

Download Gnome 3 Transformation Pack  

Direct Download 

1.After Download .Extract zipped File
2.Double click and install
3.Select Custom Installation
Unselect Incredible bar and related items-If you install your search settings will change.
4.Cleck on Next
Click on Extras and unselect

Gnome 3 Skin pack -Installation

3.Yodm 3D
4.yzshadow etc...

If you have Graphics card or Inubuilt Intel HD Graphics you can select all options.But reduce speed of your system.Expectially on start-up

Images of Gnome 3
Gnome 3 skin pack-Start up
Gnome 3D Desktop
Gnome 3 Desktop

Folders and Windows

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