Friday, December 30, 2011

Download Facebook Messenger For Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Facebook Messenger is a new product from Facebook.Like Windows Messenger or Google Talk this software used to chat between your friends and Family and also used to update your status.Using this software we can avoid loading Facebook page on web browser.After installing this software it load automatically along with  Windows start up.It connect with Facebook server and Sync your details.

Facebook messenger is also allowed  chating without loading Facebook web page, we can see  all friends updates.There is no ads or other things on Messenger so it work faster than Facebook Page.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows XP/Vista/7  :This software may work not sure because this software not officially launched.This is a leaked software.I installed it on my Windows XP machine and encountered error.But i installed it on Windows 7 and work properly.Download and installed on your Windows 7 machine.

See also :Facebook Messenger Finally came to Windows XP and Vista 

Facebook Messenger

Problem Found:

Facebook Messenger was not worked with Windows XP.But It worked on Windows 7.These are some images.[Image]
Facebook Messenger login 
Facebook Messenger chatting

Download Facebook Messenger for Ubuntu/Linux :Facebook Messenger now available only on Windows Vista/7.Linux version will available soon.

Features:We can see all updates/Friends requests/Notifications with Facebook Messenger.We can avoid unwanted ads which present on Facebook page.Facebook page download more than 3MB when we load Facebook page.But this apps consume less than 1MB.We can save data usage.

Advantages:All chat's on single window.Check image
One Window and Multiple chatting

On Google talk.There are  N number Windows for N number chatting.This is not good for us.It become difficult to find a particular friend.But on Facebook Messenger ,there is only one Windows and easy to find all friends.Another advantage is that we can avoid Facebook page.Using this we can always be online.

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Online PĆ³ker said...

So it's the right sidebar of app form.

Activics said...

it  not working with xp ::: it shows icon the when I put mouse pointer on it closes

Admin said...

It work with only Windows 7.Which os is you use

Abdul Rashid said...

it will not work with windows xp.
- Muneeb

Admin said...

It work with Windows 7 and Windows 8.Not work with Windows XP

Arek Smkti said...

tidak bisa di windows xp

Admin said...

This software not worked in Windows XP.Sorry for wrong heading.When i installed on Windows 7 i thought that it also worked on Windows XP

Admin said...

Windows XP version is released

Admin said...

Windows XP version of Facebook released

Admin said...


Admin said...

New version released ,It will now work With Windows XP and Vista

Ahsanul Karim said...

I already saw this
Facebook Messenger. Now it will get more popularity because we don't need to visit FB every time to chat. It is a wise decision by FB authority :)


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