Monday, December 26, 2011

Download AngryBirds Transformation pack for Windows 7/SP1

AngryBirds -One of the popular Online /Offline Game in the World.Small Game but billions of People Played.This popularity makes AngryBird Transformation pack.Unlike other Transformation packs this Transformation pack can reduce your stress while you are in front of your computer.Icons and Wallpapers give a native looks to your computer .Most Interesting feature is it's Mouse Pointer.It like a Hand.animated Hand.Other Interesting thing is it's Menu windows..

AngryBird Skin pack-Desktop

AngryBird Wallpapers
2.Welcome screen
3.Logon screen
5.Icon sets
7.Startup sounds
8.Windows and Folders
9.Screen savers


Windows 7/SP1
1 GHz Processor with 512 MB RAM
No Graphics Card required .Inbuilt Graphics is enough

Images of AngryBird Transformation Pack

1.Welcome screen and Logon screen
AngryBird skin pack-Welcome screen and Login screen
2.Windows and Folders
Windows and Folders
3.Desktop and My computer
AngryBird Skin pack-Desktop
AngryBird Transformation pack-My computer 
5.AngryBird Programs and File menu
File menu and Control Panel

Download Free AngryBirds Transformation pack for Windows 7

Direct Download Free AngryBirds skin pack for Windows 7/SP1

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