Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Don 2 Game-The Mobster- launched on Facebook

Don 2 The Mobster launched on Facebook

After a long time Mango game launched Don 2 Game beta version on Facebook.Unlike Ra:ONE it look like Mafia War,Old Facebook game.We can select one of the Two player,Play as a Cop or Play as a Gangster. I played but....It just like Mafia War.You can select Jobs from your City....You can Buy Weapons....You can Buy Energy...

Don 2 facebook Game

I don't like that Game.....But I don't know your interests ...

Just try it

These are some Images...

Don2 The Mobster

Image 1

First Stage of Game.Just Click on Hide out.Then Click on Arm icon...Then buy some Weapons.On First stage,You can buy Cricket Bat.

Don The Game
You can invite other peoples to this game.They can help you during the game.Invite all your friends.But I give only 3 out of 10 for this game.Ra:ONE is better than Don 2

These are expanded City map.After your First stage,Map will automatically update.

Graphics and Sounds are good.But Game play is not good.Not an Interesting Game.Try First and comments here..

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Indian Food Recipes said...

Don 2 game (HD) 3D - full gameplay video 

Tarun Rathore said...

i want don 2 game for my facebook id

Admin said...

Just visit game link


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