Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bollywood Film DON2 Game is True:It Will Launch soon

Bollywood Film DON2 Game is True:It Will Launch soon

Yes It is True,Upcoming Shahrukh Khan Film Don 2 will have Game.According to latest news DON 2 Game also available in PS2,PC etc.After the big victory of RA:ONE Game ,Bollowood Directors think to launch Game ,Comic versions of there Films.SRK said that Game increase Ra:ONE popularity.About 10,0000 more people play Ra:ONE game world wide.Lets check the latest Video about DON 2 Game.
DON 2 Game

This Game launch it's page on Facebook.Like Ra:ONE game this Game can play on Facebook

Play Don 2 Game

Just follow Facebook page for more Details : https://www.facebook.com/donthegame

DON2 Game will available on this Month before Film release.Like Ra:ONE DON 2 also available in 3D version.Some rumors heard that DON 2 Game is a 3D game,just like Hitman or GTA ,But this not confirmed.Anyway Game launching is true .

I will publish latest news regarding DON2 Game soon.Keep touch with this blog or join on Facebook .

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Eagerly waiting to play. thanks for the nice info....

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