Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Desktop Recorder/Screen Recorder For Linux Mint12 Lisa

Best Desktop Recorder/Screen Recorder For Linux Mint12 Lisa

Linux Mint 12 Lisa is a new version based on Ubuntu 11.10.Desktop Recorders are used to record  Desktop activities.Most of us used this tools for recording some activities like "How to install"/"Software Reviews" etc..For Windows there are too many   software's  available.For Linux Mint/Ubuntu these software's are limited.Most of the software's are not working properly.Some software's record as still images.But we need Video.
Anyway after a long searching  i found a good software for my Linux Mint 12 Lisa.Previously i tried to install Kazam/record Desktop and more software's.Some of them very difficult to install.

recordMyDesktop is a best Desktop recorder for Linux Mint.Around 64 and more good comments.

recordMyDesktop for Linux Mint 12


-One of the best recorder,64 more good comments
-Fast response
-Output format ogg
-Audio/Video recording
-Advanced options
-Mouse pinter customization

Advanced Features

-Icon on Taskbar for easy record
- Can  select and record particular part of Desktop 
-Advanced features like ,Frame per second,Sound Frequency selection,Follow mouse option,Mouse pointer selection etc..

How to install 

Two methods are available

Copy the term "recordMyDesktop" and open Linux Mint software manager and search it.Install new version

Visit recordmydesktop and download Debian package.Using command line install it


Free open source software.Continues recording.Saving time is more ,but output quality almost good.

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