Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ubuntu 12.04 will come with Gnome 3.4

Ubuntu 12.04 will come with Gnome 3.4

We already heard that Ubuntu 12.04 first alpha version will available after December 1 .Here the more details of Ubuntu 12.04

Gnome 3.4

It is the newest product from Gnome.They also plan a 6 month cycle for new release.Like Ubuntu every 6 month there will be new Gnome version.


New Gnome 3.4 features Gnome 3.4

Gnome 3.4 Box menuGnome 3.4 Box Menu

Copy and Paste method

New Ubuntu will have new copy and paste method ,may be it's a copy of Android or from Ipad.But it sure there will be a new method.

For Details:


The current thinking on this is roughly as follows:

  • Static dash menu extensions or jumplists are not that interesting, we want to focus on the application menu. (For jumplists, see this page).

  • The app menu needs to be dynamic (i.e. apps need to have a way to update the menu contents as their state changes), to accomodate sensitivity changes of actions, and e.g. window state (fullscreen / not fullscreen)
  • While submenus in the shell are nicer than GTK+ submenus, it is best to avoid submenus as far as possible
  • The menu needs to support controls such as
    • toggles
    • radio groups with title
    • separators
  • We need a global design for edit menu replacements, this is very similar in all apps (see GnomeOS/Design/Whiteboards/Selections)

  • Loss of discoverability of keyboard shortcuts is a concern; this should be addressed in GTK+ by providing a shortcut overview screen for each window (similar to what google apps show when you press '?')
  • 'Portability' could be a concern that keeps apps from dropping their menus

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow, Nice information's this is a very useful thanks for info.

Gadgets NewsLine said...

I like the copy and paste method, great info, thanks for sharing.

Hello? said...

erm.. i thought. Ubuntu was Unity

Blmvxer said...

Well gnome 3 won product of the year, and imo gnome 3.x has better useability than unity especially with the extensions and such.

Admin said...

Ubuntu with Gnome is called Gubuntu 


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