Friday, November 25, 2011

Internet Fax – Should Your Business Start Using This New Technology?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the internet fax, if your business sends faxes anyway. In an increasingly wireless and paperless world the old school fax machine feels pretty obsolete anyway – and since all other communication is done over the net in some way or another why not make your fax part of the equation?

A service like the Verizon internet service offers more than just the speed to connect to the internet in multiple ways at the same time – it also means you can draw all of your different communication strands into one place. The net itself is where the communication takes place – the device that you access the net with is how the communication takes place.

Modern Fax machineI might point out at this juncture that in an age of scanners and email the whole concept of a fax seems almost as outmoded as the telegram. At the end of the day, though, it does not really matter what kind of machine has sent your communication – all that matters is that you can send it and your intended recipient can pick it up and read it.

So you have your Verizon internet service connected. How do you use an internet fax service? According to the champions of the technology, you no longer need a fax machine because your faxing is done online. That’s a little like saying that you don’t need a pen and paper because your letters (i.e. your emails) are delivered online. Take out the fax machine and is what you are sending still a fax?

The argument that you can send “faxes” without a fax machine, and therefore remove the need for investing in an expensive and rapidly obsolescing machine has half a truth in it. You can get rid of your bulky fax machine, which is basically hogging an extra phone line you no longer need – but you still need a scanner or some kind of copying/photo static machine in order to make images of the documents you are sending.

That, after all, is what a fax is – the word “fax” is a shortening of “facsimile”, otherwise known as a copy of a physical document. So you still need equipment other than your Verizon internet service connection and a computer in order to send a net fax.

So we ask the question again: should your company bother with the technology? The answer is: only if you actually need to use “faxes”. Your email is doing exactly the same thing as a net fax. It uses the same phone line and the same signal goes out to your recipient.

There is one potential use I can see for net faxing – which is an updated version of the use the fax was put to in my old office. There, we’d long given up with actual faxes because we could send all of our documents, invoices, everything, using a scanner and an email system. So we just left the old fax machine there to pick up all those random adverts people send through to every phone number under the sun – just in case there was something there that might be of interest. Why use a fax at all when your Verizon internet service can power much newer technology?

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Why not? using new technology can be a good option for your business as it is fast reliable too.

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It's best opinion, thinkable too...


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