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How to Rank Higher in Search Results

Ingredients Which Will Help You Rank Well

Ranking your site high on a search engine has become one of the top priorities, if not the top priority in many instances. After all, it doesn’t make much difference how beautiful your site is, how compelling the content, or even how great your product or service is if no one can find you online. You may or may not have already heard a lot about ranking higher on search engines and SEO. We will try to go over some very simple tips that anyone can do, whether it is a large business or small, whether you know a little about SEO or nothing at all.

How to start good blogsYour design
Whether it is a blog or website, search engines don’t like copies. It seems like the easiest thing in the world to use another’s format and simply insert your own copy and graphics, but it will pay off in the long run if you set yourself apart somehow. Not everyone can write their own code for a website of course, and a lot of the generic templates and hosting sites are very attractive. If this is your only real option, most of these sites will give you many options to customize various aspects. Take advantage of this.

Unique content
While it is true that most browsers only skim online and even otherwise fanatical readers’ eyes will glaze over when searching online as they skim for what they need – this should not be confused with browsers not reading. They do, and if your content is horrible, they will move along quickly. If anything good content is even more important in order to draw your potential customer in.

More and more Search Engines are acting more like your human readers. They want relevant content that makes sense without spamming keywords, but with the right words in the right places.

Most important though is that web crawlers hate copied content. Ignoring that copying and pasting someone else’s content is technically illegal if nearly impossible to enforce, search engines do their own kind of enforcement by making your site less searchable if this content is found, and in some cases blacklisting your site completely. Large search engines like Google “index” natural content found on your site for future reference.

There are currently hundreds of millions of blogs and counting, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add your voice as well though. The key is to provide good, relevant content readers who are looking for your product or service will actually want. I.e. if you sell light bulbs don’t have entry after entry of “We’re number 1… YEAH!” That’s silly, the average person doesn’t care. However if a home owner is thinking about replacing their bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs and you happen to have a blog explaining honestly the difference, prices etc, and happen to have a link to your site you may have just won a customer.

Once the content is there, follow these steps:
1. Get in touch with other similar blogs and create a symbiotic relationship. Guest post and allow them to do the same. Provide each other links, etc. Make sure it is a relevant, quality and popular blog or you’re wasting your time.
2. Add social buttons like Facebook and Twitter. People won’t visit your blog everyday, but they will visit Facebook and if they have a button they will automatically know when you have an update.

Link building
Link BuildingBlogging is part of that. Other things you can do is submit articles to article sites, post on forums and leave comments, and submit your blog to search engines. For all of this you want to include you link of course, you also need to be sure the content provided is relevant – noticing a theme?

Remember (again) there are hundreds of millions of blogs, and billions of websites. It takes time to rank high, even in a relatively small niche but more so if it is a common subject, product or service. Start by ranking high locally, follow the advice above and over time your site will rank high.

Author’s Bio
Jeff has been blogging since 2007 & contributing on many websites since that time. He is a professional internet marketing and blogging consultant. In his spare time he guest lectures for business and marketing students at various colleges in New York.
Currently, he is writing for a real estate company in queens that offers new Queens homes.

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