Friday, November 4, 2011

How to change Folder background in Windows 7 and Windows 8

How to change Folder background in Windows 7 and Windows 8

In ordinary explorer we have White screens as Folder or My computer background.Which means that when we open any folder we can see white background.In Windows 7 ,we can change background using Windows 7 Folder Background Changer.

Can apply customize backgrounds

Just look these Images to understand correctly

Ordinary Windows

After applying Windows 7 folder background changer

You can see New Background Image (Penguin )

Notice:Right click on "W7FBC 1.1".Run it as Administrator

This Trick work with all Drive's and Folders except your System Drive (In which you install your Windows 7)

How to Work

1.Download Windows 7 folder changer

2.Extract it

3.Open Folder

Ex:C:\Documents and Settings\sibin\My Documents\Downloads\W7FBC\W7FBC

Right click it and run as Administrator

4.Run it .

Folder Location:In which you want to apply changes

Ex:I apply it on J drive

5.Change Background Image:Select one Background Image.

Apply to sub folders:All the sub folders has changed background

Uninstall:Uninstall application

You can change another background.You can set different background for different Drives.
You can't apply in System Folders

Any problem ,Just comment it

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  1. This is a great apps yaar, very informative sharing,,,,,,

  2. doesn't work on windows 8 CP. White backgrounds are letting me blind.

  3. some mistake ..i have Hit the "uninstall" button but i want it back and Windows 7 won't load the "desktop.ini" after open Folder... what can i do ? i need my Backgriunds back ya know 'em mean ?

  4. hello am very busy..i have university examination.I will tell after june

  5. I have some problem with suigin-ki. . .
    I need your help. . .
    I hope as fast as you can. . .

  6. I think it will work on Windows 7.Which OS is used 32 or 64 bit

  7. Replies
    1. So are you know something else to change Folder Background On Windows 8????

  8. It work with only Windows 8 developer preview.I didn't have Windows 8 original version.

  9. Not working on Win8 pro. try to find other way.

  10. Not working on Win8 Enterprise

  11. Yeah unfortunately it's not working on windows 8 i hope they will find a solution, why not a W8FBC version.

  12. Sir Please release windows - 8 version.

  13. Sir Please release windows - 8 version.

  14. I am using window 7 Ultimate and i m unable to change background image in drives so please help me....!!

  15. Not working in win8 64bit

    What is structure of desktop.ini file in win8.
    Help me to setting manually to change background.



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