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7 Skills You Need To Become A Successful Problogger

7 Skills You Need To Become A Successful Problogger

Blogging is a process. It takes more than posting contents. It is about building a community; a community that will trust you in a friendly and professional way. Have you ever wondered why some blogs have good number of readers and others hardly get 10 visitors in a day? The secret is all about social ability and creativity.

Since I launched my coupons site where I post about iContact, Acronis and VMWare reviews, one thing I have learnt about the top probloggers like Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse and many others is that they utilize their social power to the fullest.

We are all social beings; we need advice, empathy and direction of others to truly exist. Harnessing this simple secret is what has set the mentioned and unmentioned probloggers apart from others. How do they do this?


1. Are Truthful To Themselves
The time has gone when people can present a blog with some selfish intentions. Probloggers present themselves genuinely to their audience. If you can’t come out truthfully as you are and offer yourself to the public, you may never reach your dream as a blogger. Show your interest in other people, appreciate them and share in their problems by offering genuine solution without the intention of enriching your pocket. This is what your audience is expecting.

2. Listen To Their Audience
Listen to your readers-search for there interest

Coming to your blog only when you want to make a new post will never help you. Chances are people have been commenting on your previous post and asking questions and making requests that were never attended to. If you are in their shoes will you ever come back? I don’t think so. People like bloggers who listens to them. Pay attention to your audience; attend to their questions through comments and offer selfless helping hands when they contact you through email.

3. Show Their Audience How Simple They Are

Simplicity matters a lot in socializing with people. Even in offline daily activities, people are naturally attracted to persons of simple character with some sense of humour. On the internet, you can use humour and jokes to easily connect with readers and build your community. Putting some smile on the face of a reader will not only easy his or her mind and gain you more trust, it will also open the door for some intimate attachment with you and the services you provide.

4. Never Fail To Plan

Planning your blog effectively will help you treat it like a business. Making plans will help you research and find out other growth opportunities, things to change and areas you need improvement. A good planning strategy will also help you to effectively monetize your blog by following the current trends in the blog industry and specifically on your niche.

5. Hold Themselves High

One distinguishing feature that many probloggers share in common is that despite their social power, they are still able to hold themselves as the authority in their niche. If you want to be a successful blogger, you ought to respect and value yourself. Don’t allow people to push you around. Your authority when combined with your social power will get people flocking around you for more.

6. Continue To Build On The Relationship
Create good relation ship

It is one thing to build a relationship and yet another to nurture it. While you may have amazed a great number of blog readers, you have to do your best to retain their interest and loyalty. You can do this in a number of ways; offer them free report or helpful eBook for download or give them periodical informative newsletters.

7. Harness Guest Posting Benefits

Guest posting is a great tool that most probloggers are using. Positing on other people’s similar but serious and famous blogs will gain you a whole lot of traffic. Writing guest posts with a good author bio for a famous blog will help get you established; showing people the potential solution you have for them.

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