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5 Tips for Streamlining the Blogging Process

5 Tips for Streamlining the Blogging Process

As fun as blogging may be, the blogging process can be quite in depth and time consuming – from planning posts, to actually writing them, to editing, publishing and keeping your website up to date, all while remaining active within the blogging community – it can really take a large chunk of time and commitment! Any way to simplify the process is usually welcome, and by streamlining the way you blog you also are allowing for more time to produce higher quality posts, thus increasing the quality of your blog. Here are five tips to help organize the blogging process:

1. Always Keep a List of Potential Topics
Blog topics are one of those things that can come to you when you least expect it – keep a notebook with you and jot down different topic ideas as they come to you that way you always having a running list of topics you can fall back on when you think you have nothing to write about.

2. Utilize an Editorial Calendar
Having a place where you can see what is going to be published and when it’s going to be published will help to keep you organized and to create a schedule so your readers know when to expect a new post from you.

3. Allow Guest Posts
Guest posting is a great way to get great content on your site and give you a break from writing for a day. Because all you’ll need to do is make sure that the format is accurate and that it fits cohesively on your blog, you’ll be able to take a day here and there to focus on other aspects of your blog without losing content.
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4. Find an Editor That Works For You
There are many desktop editors out there that can help you with your blogging. I prefer Windows Live Writer because it functions a lot like Microsoft Word and automatically resizes my images for me. Having somewhere that you can write a post up regardless of if you have internet or not is a great way to keep your posts fresh and allows you to pre-write them and publish when you can, or just stock pile pre-written posts for days when you don’t have time to write a great post up.

5. Embrace Your Personal Writing Style
Too many bloggers spend time trying to sound like their favorite bloggers. Don’t fall into this trap! Instead, find your own personal writing style and embrace it. The writing will come much more naturally this way, which will make blogging easier on the whole.
Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with fitting in all the different aspects that maintaining a great blog requires. With a few tips and tricks, though, you can accomplish everything you need to without sacrificing in one area or another.
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