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How to Install Windows 8 theme on Ubuntu 11.10/11.04/10.10

How to Install Windows 8 theme on Ubuntu 10.10/11.04/11.10

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Windows 8 is not yet officially released,but it'd Developer version is released for testing.It is better than Ubuntu 11.04/11.10.Lot of good features are available.New Desktop ,New Mosaic theme....and more...

Here we discussing How to install Windows 8/Windows 7 theme on Ubuntu

1.First Download this File

2.Download it,make sure that it is in Downloads Folder


3.Open Terminal

cd Downloads/

Example:sibin@sibin-P4I45Gx-PE:~$ cd Downloads/



sibin@sibin-P4I45Gx-PE:~/Downloads$ ./

4."The Win theme installation will start now "

Click on OK

Click on "Yes/OK"....It automatically Download all files

After it

5.Check Downloads folder

Make sure that win7.tar.gz and win7-uninstall.tar.gz are exit

6.Open Terminal

cd Downloads/


tar -zxvf win7.tar.gz

7.Open Downloads folder

select win7.tar.gz file .Right click (Mouse). Extract it

8.Open Win7 Folder .Open Win7/Debs

install gnomenu_all.deb ,gtk2-engine-oria_i386.deb,talika_i386.deb (amd version also available ).You must install these file (You need Internet connection)

Then return to Win7 folder

Find file

9.Open Terminal

cd Downloads/win7



10.You will get error messages .

Extract win7-cursor.tar.gz ,win7-theme.tar.gz .....7 files are available.Extract all files .After extraction .copy these files and paste to

(Open My computer)Filesystem-->usr/local/etc

and Paste all files

Repeat step 9.

11.Goto Desktop -->Right click (Mouse)-->Theme

Install-->(Open Downloads Folder)-->win7-->Install all 7 files
(win7-cursor.tar.gz,win7-icons.tar.gz,win7-fonts.tar.gz,win7-gtk.tar,gz etc...all 7 files)

You will get lot off error messages...ignore it

12.Theme-->Get more theme online -->From theme page -->Windows Borders



and install it.(I think you know "How to install a theme")

Desktop-->Right click (Mouse)-->Theme-->Install-->Select files

13.Your Start menu replaced with Ubuntu icon/similar button.To get Windows 7 button-Select start menu (Gnomenu)-->Right click -->Properties->

Gno menu settings

Theme-->Button selection-->Install (Downloads/win7/gnomenu/button)

select win7.tar.gz and install it

Menu selection-->Select Vista (Nearer to uninstall )

14.Download Windows7 wallpaper and use it

After all this work you can restart your OS.If there is any problem ,please ask me...I will Help.Detailed Video available on Youtube.

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Bilalimran134 said...

I will recommend my friends to read this. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

7chip said...

sudo dpkg -i  (your package ).deb

Anna Chejnovska said...

I also get acces is denied.. after third step... Does someone knows how to repair it? 

sibin777 said...

Watch Video Tutorial

Peter said...

I have Ubuntu 11.10 and I tryied to install this theme. But after step 4 I get: "Please use the Gnome desktop for the Win7 theme installation." So I installed gnome-session-fallback and selected GNOME classic on logging screen. But I get: "Please use the Gnome desktop for the Win7 theme installation." again. What I did wrong?

Paul Fisher said...

Hi, Instead of entering "./" try enter
"bash ./", This worked when i has the same issue.

Good Luck.

nolic said...


Rookmaster6 said...

Hi how do you get windows 8 into a virtual box


Ruimpestana said...

The same problem of Peter!

sibin777 said...

No idea.I didn't try

sibin777 said...

Hi Friends.I use this method on Ubuntu 10.10 with Gnome 2.xx  version ,after that i updated to Ubuntu 11.04 LTS.But my gnome version not changed ,they says that your computer not supported...May be you have Unity desktop or Gnome higher version....Try to find the new versions...

sibin777 said...

Theme depend on 3  deb files....First Download that three files

gnomenu_all.deb ,gtk2-engine-oria_i386.deb,talika_i386.deb search these files and install it

Boy said...

There has been released a newer version of virtualbox and it has included Microsoft Windows 8 in its list of virtualbox operating system options.

Admin 7chip said...

I don't know what happened.May be you have Unity desktop.I have Gnome version 2.3.xx.This theme worked well in Ubuntu 10.10 .

Yagwit said...

I don't have the option to switch to Gnome session. Also the three files do not download. UB 11.10

Yagwit said...

I logged into gnome but get "Gnome Desktop is required". I tried Gnome classic as well.

usaf2222 said...

That is a lot of command line...

Joshua said...

i know its very hard to get gnome 2 for ubuntu 11.10 ok

Joshua said...

i dont use this one for linux i use win2-7 pack which i use emerald and the original aero theme and the emerald one so it turns into windows 8


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