Saturday, October 15, 2011

Download New EPIC Web Browser-India's First Browser

Download Free New EPIC Browser-India's First Web Browser

After a long break Epic Team release there new EPIC browser with new theme and 1000+ apps.EPIC is not a new software,It is derived from Mozilla Firefox.So we can enjoy Mozilla Firefox features.But it has another interesting features.Side bar apps will help to access Twitter,Facebook etc more easily.We can access these site while we are browsing other sites also .

Other Features are

We can used it as a File Browser (Like Windows Explorer)
Inbuilt Anti-Virus Features
High Speed Browsing
Easy access
Large number of themes and wallpapers
New looks (Just like Google chrome)
Big screen area .Replace there MENU to top bar
Protected against 3,343,342 malicious websites
Inbuilt radio application

and more


New epic browser

New EPIC Browser

EPIC Browser -Free ,Secure,Beautiful

This is my second EPIC browser,First Browser also a Good one.But I didn't like it's theme and looks.But this browser is OK.It look like Google chrome,chrome's tab ........Anyway it is a Good browser.It has Inbuilt Radio application,We can listen 1000 + more channels,and it is free.EPIC browser can also used as File Browser like Windows Explorer.Anti-Virus software embedded with this browser.It give automatic virus protection while we are download anything.Phishing is almost blocked.

It also indicate Dangerous site,and ask to close .

Because of these features I liked My New EPICs .Download New EPIC and write a review here.Best reviews get prize................

Epic Home Page

Epic Features

Download New EPIC Browser

(Only Available for Windows.Linux and Mac version will available soon.Size:16.4 MB)

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gift ideas said...

Congrats to Indian for launching their browser.

ElectronicsNews said...

Glad to here this......

Naser said...

Thanks for sharing buddy :)

sibin777 said...

Thanks.They improve there theme

sibin777 said...

This is  second version

Imu256 said...

 eagerly waititng for ur mac os version epic browser,,plz  when u  launch this version plz mail me on this id:


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