Sunday, October 2, 2011

Download Free Ubuntu One Service For Windows Users

Download Free Ubuntu One Service On Windows Users

Ubuntu one is a cloud service from Canonical Group (Developer of Ubuntu ) for Ubuntu users.They offer 5GB storage space for each users and it is free .It is a free service and installed by default in Ubuntu.Now they release it's Windows version for Windows users.Windows users means who also have Ubuntu OS.That means multiple OS users.Also applicable for non Ubuntu users.

Ubuntu says that

“We believe in giving all users regardless of platform, access to one of the best personal cloud services available” the Ubuntu One team state in their announcment. “We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy Ubuntu One and as a consequence, want to know more about all the great benefits of using Ubuntu.”

Ubuntu one 5GB storage for Windows users
If you don't have an Ubuntu account ,then create a new account.All Windows users can also access this service,there is no need of any Ubuntu OS's.If you have Ubuntu account sign with that account.

You can upload files from "Documents and settings" Folders.You can't upload from any other Folders or from other Hard Disks .You can extend your storage space upto 20GB but need $39.99 per year.This service also available on Android Phones.For each one GB storage (After 5GB) you need to pay $2.99 .

Advantages:You can access your files from any Ubuntu/Windows system .So you can avoid carrying USB drives,CD etc...

Download Ubuntu one service for Windows

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Christian Esperar said...

I really liked Ubuntu! They "Open" to there rival Microsoft! All hail to Ubuntu!

ElectronicsNews said...

Nice info about ubuntu, likes this....


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