Saturday, October 1, 2011

Download Free Mozilla Firefox 10 Alpha Version

Download Free Mozilla Firefox 10 Alpha Version

This is Firefox Next Version-Some weeks ago we heard that Firefox 10 has new interface,unfortunately new Firefox follow it's old Interface.We can Download Firefox 10 From Nightly Channel.No new Features ...It just a new version.

Mozilla Firefox 10 alpha version

Download Mozilla Firefox 10 alpha

For Windows XP-32bit

Download Firefox 10.0a 32 bit

Download Firefox 10.0a 64 bit

Download Firefox 10.0a for Linux (.tar.bz2 format)

Download Firefox 10.0a for Linux x86-64 tar.bz2

Download Firefox 10.0a for Mac (dmg format)

Download Mozilla Firefox for Ubuntu 11.04/11.10

Mozilla Firefox 10.0a features

It update it's Private Browsing Feature
New HTML 5-updates
Speed increase x2 speed

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gift ideas said...

I am finding problem In my Firefox browser, as it hangs after some time and can,t work great like it works previous. please give me some suggestions regarding FF8. which i am using right now.

7chip said...

Thanks for the info, right now will make a try....

Admin 7chip said...

Use Final versions.Alpha and beta versions may have bugs

yeswanth said...

hai yeswanth kumar 


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