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The 2 Powerful Ways To Enhance Social Media Presence

The 2 Powerful Ways To Enhance Social Media Presence

How much presence do you have with social media?

Your internet business can experience the touch of a life-time when you discover the immense benefit of social media networks. I observed that virtually every entrepreneur is into social media marketing. Even though they aren’t getting any results, but they are happy being there. But that’s not marketing; every effort and time spent on a particular quest must be accounted for. Like in accounting practices, every expense is important, be it $1. Or $1M.

How to enhance your social media presence
You should start applying intelligent social media strategies, in order to take your business to the next level. What if I tell you that I never had a Facebook page since I started blogging in 2010? Off course, I know the importance and why we all need it, but I spent my leisure time learning how to make it productive.

How to Enhance Social media presenceIf your social media endeavor isn’t yielding tangible results, it’s time you take a second thought, and ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing. Are you?

I want to share some 2 powerful ways to enhance your social media presence. You can’t continue to wallow in doubt, contemplating if what you’re doing actually works or not.

Does Social Media Marketing Work?

In a single word, “yes.”

But the application of strategies is what determines your success-rate. A social media network isn’t intended for hard-core selling actually. These sites where introduced to enhance networking and relationship building. If you miss out on the primary objective of being a social media networker, you’ll not see results and consequently, your prospects would start to avoid you vehemently.

A friend of mine who introduced social media marketing to me, actually failed woefully, I had to resuscitate him, by stating the real fact about this marketing system. One good thing about it is that, once mastered, it becomes a funnel that redirects clients into your corporate blog, where you capture and sell to them.
Now, we know the real “aim” of marketing via social networks like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Ride with me as I share the only 2 strategies I use to excel.

Note: these strategies do not promise immediate returns on investment, but the rewards are worth waiting for.

Capture And Interest Prospects

In the traditional article writing system, we were advised to capture prospects with the Headline. Yes, and that is the first approach to winning with social media marketing. You need to capture your prospects and by this, I mean you should know who they are at the core. If you don’t know who needs your products and services on Facebook, or Twitter, you would blindly market to the wrong prospects.

Social media presenceIronically, Twitter marketing makes this pretty fun and rewarding, because you can set your preferences to follow whoever you want, and determine who follows you. If you’re selling “accounting software” for instance, how do you intend to market that software to your twitter followers when they are not accounting inclined.
In fact, they hate calculations with passion.

That’s where niche marketing comes in. If you’re conversant with niche marketing as it relates to search engine traffic, then apply the same concept to your social media marketing and see the results you get.
This simple strategy of determining who needs your products/services can cause your advertising offers to go viral, as prospects recommend your links to their family and colleagues. I don’t think it’s difficult to interest your prospects with your offer, just make sure you know them – their likes, taste and willingness to spend money.

People Optimized Content, Not Search Engine.

The next way to dominate social media networks; is via “people optimized content.” During the days of bum marketing, we all know about deceiving the search engines with keywords. I only hope that Google forgives everyone who threw a dart at them with cunning contents.

I actually earned a few bucks with bum marketing method, but I totally regret the time wastage, and pains that people still go through because our contents then never solved any problem. I know what it means to optimize content for the people Vs search engine.

For your contents to go viral, scouring the entire social media networks, you need to write for human beings.
It’s time you come to the realization that these people have blood running through their veins. They’ve got families, they are not piece of script scattered around the web. Your prospects and customers are real humans, created by one with “infinite intelligence” (Napoleon Hill).

By researching your topic before writing, you’re informed beforehand on what problems they (prospects) need answers to. If you can solve one unique problem in an excellent way, you’re making the web a better place. And believe me, being concerned about others always pay high dividends, more than any stock or shares you may invest into.
When writing your blog posts, social tweets and all those advertising campaigns, avoid keyword stuffing. Be liberal and stay clear of hard-core selling strategies. These would only scare your prospects away. It’s take time to win them – why pursue them?

Change Your Concept

Now that you know the real marketing activities involved in social media networks, it’s time you change your concept about making money. Money is a bye-product of solving problem in a friendly manner. If you channel you energy in capturing prospects, you could easily interest them with your “quality people-optimized content.”

It pays to approach social media marketing in like manner. But it begins with your view, your thoughts and how delicate the next person is to you. See you at the top of social media marketing – have a lovely year.

Author Bio:
Michael Chibuzor is a Social Media examiner. He writes on his coupon blog that shares free discount deals. Some popular products discussed are coupon and 6pm codes & discounts.Currently, he offers a free sittercity promotional code and 6pm discounts.

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