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Mac OS X Lion Transformation Pack for Windows XP/7/Vista

Mac OS X Lion Transformation Pack for Windows XP/Vista/7

Apple Mac Lion is the latest OS from Apple .It provide beautiful desktop,inspired features on the iPad, screen applications, bars hidden self, Mission Control, among others.This transformation pack will change Windows XP/Vista/7 to a new Apple Mac Lion OS.Many features ,Graphics,Style are improved.

The visual changes that the program applies are extraordinary, and the user will feel like you’re working with a Mac OS X.

Installation is very easy.Just click on exe file.After installation restart your OS.


1.Two options available
a,Quick Installation

2.You can select Features to install
a,Disable etc features if you need.You will get faster start up and speed.Enable:Slow start up and slow speed.But better Appearance.

3.Restart Twice or Thrice .After first reboot you may have some problem [Start menu-You may get old Windows XP start menu and Task bar]. Restart again and again until you get mac menu.

1.Transparent Windows (Graphics card and Good Hardware configuration for full effect )
5.Finder bar
7.Mac search
8.My board
9.My space
10.Left sider
11.Rocket dock
16.Mac os LION sounds
17.Application sounds
18.Welcome screen
20.Control panel
21.Scroll bars

[credit- sibin xavier,7chip]


Apple mac os LION transformation pack for windows-Desktop-Stylish
-We can disable RocketDock features
-Right click on the triangular icon on Dock/click on Dock settings

2.My computer

LION transformation pack for windows-My computer
-New icon set
-New Side bar
-Animation effects (Zooming effect when we open folders)

3.RocketDock-Control Panel

Control panel windows on Apple mac os LION
-Easy access
-Control panel on Dock

4.Transparent Windows and Menus

LION transformation pack for windows -Transparent
5.Dock -Drive

Rocket DOck-properties
-Select Hard Disk Drive/Folders directly from Dock

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Download Mac OS X LION for Windows XP

Download from softpedia page -Windows XP/7

Download Mac OS X LION for Windows 7 -32 bit

Download Mac OS X LION for Windows 7 -64 bit

Mac os Lion Transformation pack 9 also available

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M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow So nice & informative post, this is a very useful thanks for sharing. 

Naser @ Tech Blog said...

Thanks for this post sibin, your blog is updated with great posts for tech readers, Keep up the good work.

super sale said...

Thanks for bringing this into my knowledge. keep up the right and great work.

Christian Esperar said...

Is that XP/7/Vista? Just joking :D. BTW this applications seems so great! I currently downloaded it to see if I can have the Mac look and feel.

shenoyjoseph said...

after installed theme on my windows 7 the boot time take so much of time to load and my OS become so sluggish :(

sibin777 said...

Thanks for your comments

sibin777 said...

I think this pack will give a good style.

sibin777 said...

XP.I have only 40GBHDD/1GB RAM/Intel celeron Processor

sibin777 said...

First time only...

Flaming User said...

OMG This crashed my computer!!

Flaming User said...

What files does this edit?

Sibinx7 said...

Just install it.No need of editing.It is a executable file

Darpan Sharma70 said...

i suggest not to run this pack dude... this will make your pc really slow after a month or so....

sibin777 said...

During Installation :Expand Extras -->Unselect  following (
1-Finder bar,Finger,Left sider,Macsearch ,myBoard ,Myspace,RocketDOck,UberIcon,Winexpose,Winroll,YzShadow,TopTaskbar

anitha said...

after it got installed, it asked for automatic or manual reboot... i prefered automatic reboot... from that moment its getting rebooting by itself.... how can i solve this????

Ken Weigel said...

its the fuck man. i wish that i can sex with katrina kaif, shakira, emma watson, deepika padukone & priyanka chopra god fulfill my wish

drawfz said...

can windows vista use this pack?

Manuel.. said...

Will this work on Vista x64?

Lineshjose said...

Awesome transformation pack for windws7. thanks dude. please checkout another one on http://techroid.in/2011/11/03/how-to-transform-windows-7-to-new-mac-osx-lion/

Shambu sathyan said...

How do I use the UberIcon, The virtual win desktop feature is amazing..

Dan said...

How do i unistall it

Deepeekay2007 said...

It really sucks. I hv used more than 50 packs in my computer, this pack is nothing.

Rahul said...

u r really dump m___r

David said...

Awesome pack, I really wanted the Mac OS X Lion pack which would actually work in XP but this one works awesome

Sopp 44 said...

My dock resets every time I reboot my computer.

Ochieng3 0 said...

yow, this pack is da bomb. i love it, but how do i configure the settings and save them. when i do and restart my lappy it goes back to the way they were. a lil help pls. Still love it.

Ochieng3 0 said...

here's what i did. before installing the theme download rocketdock and install it (set it up how you want, if you want). then install the lions theme. after installation an rebooting, go in to program files cut/copy the rocketdock folder and paste and replace the rocketdock in the ux pack in program files. restart system an walla. it work for me

Daviw said...

Don't check the Logan screen and it will be fixed

Witt Wiet said...

where to download rocketdock? im using windows 7 64bit

Ochieng3 0 said...

try and google it or sumtin. i'll also look for you

Admin 7chip.com said...

No.It is a Transformation pack.Windows get Mac appearance.

Chiz Rich said...

good one..

Chiz Rich said...

hey man.. i get myspace.exe error after everything..  check out my facebook profile and join me..

Rakesh Narang said...

I am using this service pack on my system, it works!

Saransaleen said...

pls how do i uninstall it??

winwinwinwinwin said...

 well i installed this  pack but now  when  i uninstalled it there  is  still  some part of  it left  on my  computer how can i  remove  it ....please help

Admin 7chip.com said...

Yes,Which OS is used.......check system32/resource/theme........

Ghayasudinadam said...

how i go back again to windows xp theme

Admin 7chip.com said...

Uninstall it.But some time it keep it's icon's.So before installation you need to backup your theme folder.Now am not using windows xp

Adykanna said...

But when i downloaded it it came till start screen then again getting restart and again came till the start screen and again was getting restart so i needed to reformat the har disk how is it happening?

Ankur Kumar said...

installed it  but after reeboting it says BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot

what can i do now????zoro_forever2011@yahoo.com

Admin 7chip.com said...

In my computer this work well.I don't know what happened to you.Visit skinpacks.com for more details

Anonymous said...

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Robber said...

for vista ?????

Rishab Goel said...

where is the download button for vista

Bernard Tettehfio said...

After I installed the Mac os on my Hp pavillion m6
it keeps on booting several times what should I do

sibin xavier said...

To Bernard Tettehfio -> It is a Transformation pack, it works on Windows XP Operating System. If you want to know more about Mac os on Ordinary computer, check Hackintosh websites.


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