Sunday, September 4, 2011

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows XP

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows XP

Happy News for all Windows XP users.Now you can use Windows 8 Desktop without changing your current Windows XP operating System.Windows 8 is not yet released but we had it's Videos (Uploaded by Microsoft officials) .

This Transformation pack support Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 2003.

Size of the File 53.9 MB

Requirements:It work well with Dual core with Graphics Card.More GUI feature need More Graphics support.My System Goes slower because i had only 2.4 GHz single core Celeron Processor.If you want use it ,check your system configurations.Better hardware will give better performance.

512MB or Higher RAM (DDR1,DDR2 or DDR3).Work well with 1GB RAM

Windows .NET framework 2 and .NET framework 4

You can download it from Microsoft site.But they provide only online Installation

.NET Framework 2:Download from Microsoft site

Some require Windows Installer 3 .1 or later

Feature of Windows 8 Theme Pack

1.Windows 8 themes, wallpaper and logon screen
Aero's auto-colorization feature
Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
Designed for all editions of Windows XP/Vista/7 including Server Editions

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack

Download Windows 8


[credit -Softpedia and Windows x live]

Windows 8 Transformation pack for Windows xo,7,vista and 2003,Free Download windows 8
Windows 8 Desktop View

Windows 8 Desktop view
Our Experiments

New Changes

1.Welcome screen Changed

2.Folder and Windows

3.Windows 7 start menu

4.Windows 7 task bar,But windows logo is replaced

5.Navigation's and arrows are changed

6. Transparent Windows

7.True Transparent ,ViGlance ,ViStart are added

8.Download Windows changed

9.Windows 7 icon pack

10.Speed reduced

11.Font and style changed

12.Minimize,Maximize,Close menu changed .Change is not good.We can't see that menus

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sibin777 said...

It Look Like Windows 8.Speed is not reduced.You can Download it

Nivedita Fernadas Samuel said...

Hmm,Nice Transformation Pack.

Ahsanul Karim said...

The screenshot looks awesome. I am going to download it. Thanks for share

Nivedita Fernadas Samuel said...

Yes.Great look.

Rebecca said...

It's really happy news for me, thanks for sharing this great info.....

7chip said...

looking good but i hate it coz it reduces the speed of the computer

7chip said...

where can i download windows 8 transformation pack

7chip said...

Thanks Rebecca

7chip said...

Just use Windows 8 Transformation pack link

Vishwajitjogalekar said...

how to download

Anonymous said...

suvro :- will wndws 8 trnsfrmtn pck run on pentium 3 with 512mb ram ? mail me... Tnx

Shamimahmedkhan said...

hi nevidita, u r right its a gr8 look

Devangshu12 said...

yeah i like it but i like mac os x lion transformation pack

Admin said...

Me too.It is better than Windows 8 skin pack.Steve Jobs is brighter than Bill Gates

Saeid said...


Nichols Cosmas said...

A must for this X-mas eve


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