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AVG PC Tune up 2012:Speed up your Windows XP/Vista/7

AVG PC Tune up 2012

AVG PC tune up is a Optimization software for Windows OS.It require seconds for installation.Clean, optimize and defrag windows registry.Improve disk and internet speeds with AVG PCTuneup from AVG.

It is the only one software which scan our computer very fastly.It take seconds to scan my computer.

Features of AVG PC tune up:

1.Internet Optimizer:Speeds up your Internet access by tuning settings specifically to your connection type

2.Service Manager:Disables unnecessary services that use up valuable memory, processor power and space

3.Tweak Manager:Customize 280+ Windows settings to improve your system’s speed and performance

4.Registry Defrag:Rewrites your registry to consume less memory and give your applications faster access

5.Start up Manager:Frees up system resources by turning off unnecessary programs that run on startup

6.System Information:Provides a comprehensive overview of your PC - invaluable when getting technical support
AVG PC tune up-Windows optimizations software
System Cleaner

1.Uninstall Manager:It used to manage your installed software.Some software face some problems during uninstalling.This software fix that problem.Removes applications quickly and properly deletes installation files from your registry

2.Registry Cleaner:After uninstalling software,some software forget to remove it's registry values.This will lead to some problems .This registry cleaner clean all information's of Uninstalled and Unwanted registry contents.Fixes corrupted registries that cause your PC to slow down, freeze and crash
Free up your System

Temporary internet files,Temp files,Duplicated files consume Disk space,But actually these are unwanted files.Removing these files will increase our Disk Storage.

1.Disk Cleaner:Removes clutter and junk files from your hard disks

2.Duplicate File Finder:Eliminates duplicate files and gives back valuable space.This software scan all our Disk and find duplicated files.

AVG PC tune duplicate file finder
3.Disk Explorer:Identifies large files and save the ones you don’t need to a removable drive

Protect your Privacy

1.File Shredder :Ensures sensitive files can’t be recovered and read by prying eyes

2.Disk Wiper:Wipes entire drives, making sure that deleted files can't be restored

3.Track Eraser: Erase your History,Internet History,Recent files,etc...It increase your privacy.Prevents others from learning which websites, files and applications you’ve opened

Protect and Recovery Personal Files

1.File Recovery:Recover lost files as a result of software errors and accidental deletion

2.Disk Doctor:Identifies bad sectors, lost clusters and directory errors that can cause data loss

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Processor :1.5 GHz

Recommended Requirements:

Processor:1.5 GHz

Supported Operating System:Windows XP/7/Vista (32 bit -64 bit)

Download Free version :AVG PC Tune up

For all Features -$34.99 Per year (Pay features -File Recovery ,Speed up Internet,Erase History ,Registry maintenance)

Free Services:Disk Maintenance,Free up space,Software control,System Tweaks ,Privacy and more+)

Our Statements:We rate 3.5/5.

-Quick Installation
-Quick Scanning
-Fast Maintenance


-Some features are not free

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Naser @ Tech Blog said...

I use Avira, but will consider shifting to AVG

M.M. Enterprises said...

Wow, thanks for info about AVG PC Tune up 2012 i like this post. 

Christie Hemme said...

Thanks for such useful post. I am using AVG and I love it.

computer support

Ava Smith said...

for sharing the features  of AVG PC Tune up 2012. Wish you a good luck
from our Vacation



sibin777 said...

Thanks.Defragmentation is easier and faster

sibin777 said...

I think Avira is a best anti-virus software.AVG PC tune up is not a anti-virus ,it is a Optimization software ....It clean your system,speed up your system....

Ahsanul Karim said...

I've never heard about AVG PC tune up utility. Seems it is a good tool to speed up PC performance. But its not full free :(

Ahsanul Karim said...

I use ESET NOD 32 anti virus. Is it good?

speed up my windows 7 said...

I am also facing this problem, i want to speedup windows 7,  but after reading this article i fixed it. thanks for sharing this post.

Dan @ fixcleaner said...

Thanks for the review. Seems like a valuable tool to have. Glad to see the uninstall manager option. Some programs like Spybot, and WinCleaner are difficult to remove with a regular windows uninstall feature. This feature may offer a solution without having to install windows all over again. 


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