Monday, July 18, 2011

Mozilla Firefox 8 now available for Testing

Free Mozilla Firefox 8 Full version

After a Long Testing Period now Mozilla available for Downloading.But its not a Full version .Currently we got Testing version and its a 64 bit version of Mozilla Firefox 8.Am very sad because i had only a 32 bit Intel Celeron Processor.If anybody have 64 bit Processor ,Download Mozilla Firefox 8 and Test it.Send your Feed back to me.

Mozilla Engineer Armen Zambrano's says that "This is a Test version".According to him

We now have a small set of Windows 2008 64-bit slaves ready to be put in our production systems that can generate the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 8 free download,Mozilla firefox full version Download"I will leave out any talking about when this could be released to our users and just focus on explaining where the project has been and where we are now from a Release Engineering point of view. Releasing depends on evaluating what the problems are on the product side before we would release it.
If you have done any comparison of the pros/cons of the 32-bit and 64-bit version of Firefox running on a 64-bit machine please let me know as I am interested to know."

The all New Mozilla Firefox 8 Came with "Improved Performance " and "Better security ".Some Reports says that The new Mozilla Firefox have new Layout different from current versions of Mozilla 5,6 .

Download Mozilla 5 Full version

Download Mozilla 6 Full version

Download Mozilla 7 Full version

Download Mozilla 7 from Mozilla site

Download Mozilla 8 64 bit Processors

Download Mozilla 8 for 32 bit Processors

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Ahsanul Karim said...

ohh...Mozilla 8 version. I am still using version 4. It seems I need to upgrade soon

Nivedita Fernadas Samuel said...

Nice i also like Mozilla.Better than any browsers

Jonmathew said...

R U sure bcoz the latest version is 5

Tech Blog said...

This is cool but why version 8?


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