Friday, July 22, 2011

Download Free Mozilla Firefox 8-Nightly for 32 bit Processors

Download Mozilla Firefox 8-Nightly -32 bit Processors

Mozilla Firefox 8 called Nightly now available.But it's not a Final version.This new Mozilla can be downloaded from Mozilla FTP servers.Mozilla 7 and Mozilla 8 looks same.Mozilla 7 called Aurora .Both Aurora and Nightly are still in beta mode.They are not officially released.

Why Mozilla Release new Versions

This is a Big Question.It may be to defend Google chrome.Google chrome release there new version's frequently .I think now Mozilla also follows this way.Anyway i can't find any different between Mozilla 7 and Mozilla 8.But there names are different.


1.Fast Downloading

This is true.I test Mozilla 8 and i got high downloading speed.

Mozilla Firefox 8-Nghtly for 32 bit processors2.Secure Browsing

Mozilla provide more protection to your computer.It is more secure than old versions

3.Tab Group

New Optimized Tab group windows.Can customize it's width ,hight etc..

Mozilla Firefox 8-Nightly for 32 bit processors,Full version,Free download

Download Mozilla Firefox 8-Nightly

Download Mozilla Firefox 8.02 a

Download Mozilla Firefox 9.01 a (Nightly Channel)

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None said...

Problem witch flash

sibin said...

Firefox 8 is in Alpha mode

Vivek Mishra said...

nice way to present sir i want to know when it will be realeased and plz visit my website and give me some suggestion

Gvdsfv said...

ya downloading cannot be done from dis site
visit and look some interesting things and know about that


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