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Some Old Operating Systems and There requirements

Some Old Operating Systems and There requirements.

Hi Friends.I think you already have Windows 7 and know about its requirements.The huge requirements of Windows 7 .I hate that huge requirements.My PC only have 37 GB hard Disc and 1 GB ram.So am sad ,I Can't use Windows 7 .

This posts is about some old OS like Windows 95 etc...and there requirements;

Windows 95.

Year:1995 August
New Version:Windows 95 C
Usage: No,Microsoft ends the support(2002)


Processor:386DX (Only in School labs)

RAM required :4 MB ( 2GB RAM not enough in these days,New games require 4 GB and more)

Hard Disc:35 MB (500GB now common)
Compact 40.0 MB
Portable 43.3 MB
Typical 44.2 MB
Custom 71.6 MB

File System:FAT ,FAT 32

Windows 95-Books available

Some old

Download tested.Download with your own risk)

Windows 98

Publisher :Microsoft
Released:1998 may
Status:Microsoft ends the support


Processor : 486 DX 66 MHz
RAM: 16 MB
Disc Space :205MB to 350 MB
File System:FAT,FAT32

Software Support:Windows 16 bit,32 bit,DOS etc..

Books:Windows 98 secret :48$
link:Amazon books



Windows 2000

One of the best OS .Stable System.Designed for Professionals,Servers etc..

Released :2000 feb
Status:Microsoft ends the support
Versions:4 versions available

Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 DataServer

First edition - Released: Feb-2000
Service Pack 1 - Released 31-Jul-2000
Service Pack 2 - Released 16-May-2001
Service Pack 3 - Released 30-Jul-2002
Service Pack 4 - Released 26-Jun-2003
Rollup #1 - Released Jun-28-2005
Rollup #1 v2 - Released Sep-13-2005


Processor: Pentium 133 MHz or better, but you really ought to have more horsepower
RAM:32 MB (64-128 MB recommended)
Disc Space:650 MB
File systems FAT, FAT32, NTFS
Drives Runs from hard disk
Video VGA or better

Software support: Windows 16-bit programs (Windows 3.x type programs)
Windows 32-bit programs
DOS programs in a "DOS box" while Windows is running (not all programs run)

Books:Amazon books

Download Links:From Microsoft


Windows Me

Designed for Media,Entertainment usage.

Publisher: Microsoft
Released:2000 September 14
Status:No support


Processor Pentium 150 MHz or better
RAM 32 MB min; 512 MB max
Drive space 295-435 MB
FAT16 partition-535-645 MB
FAT32 partition-480-535 MB

File System:FAT ,FAT 32

Display :VGA or better


Windows XP

Stable version.Better media support,Graphics support.4 versions available

Windows XP Home
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

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Ahsanul Karim said...

Old is gold. Thanks for reminding the old version that we used before. We must not forget these old version helped to get modern Version

TechGopal said...

now using win 7 but win 98 is my all time fav because it is complicated to handle....

sibin777 said...

But it require less hardware support .Windows require 15 GB more hard Disc
and 1 GB ram


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