Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Windows Media Player 12 for Windows XP

Windows Media Player 12 for Windows XP

Windows media player 12 for xp.No installation needed.This post is about changing Windows media Player Skin 11 to 12.There is no different between Windows media Player 12 and 11.WMP 12 have White skin,Not white Transparent skin.

Step For WMP 11 to 12.

Step 1:Download this file.Link

or search This file:"Win7_wmp11_for_XP_by_fediaFedia"

Search using "GOOGLE","YAHOO" etc............

Size of The file " 4 MB".

Step 2.Extract the files

It contain one folder and 4 files.

Main file:wmploc.dll

In our system files:C:\WINDOWS\system32

System32 contain wmploc.dll files.It's our original file.Take a copy of that file (It is for backup purpose).

Open this folder
Win7_wmp11_for_XP_by_fediaFedia folder .It's name "How to change version info" open it .

Open "ResHacker" .Drag the wmploc.dll file to the ResHacker.Not the original wmploc.dll file.

After draging.Click on the Version number>>1>>1033.

Change the file version number and product version number .Open your Original wmploc.dll file
Then Find the version number.
Your original wmploc.dll file from C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder.

*.Copy this number.Then paste it on the new wmploc.dll file.Which is in
ResHacker window. "file version value" and "product version value".This number may different in your file.

*.After changing the number click on the " Compile Script".After it save it (file>>save).

*.Then you can see Two wmploc.dll file one end with wmploc_original.dll.use other file (wmploc.dll).
*.Then copy to system32 folder.Overwrite it or modify it .(copy file and paste in to system 32 folder).

Then start the Windows Media Player. See the Difference.


1, Please close all Windows Media Player windows for this purpose.Press "Ctrl+Alt+Del",Then click "Process".Stop all wmp applications,include plugins.Or Disable WMP from your start up,then restart the computer follow the steps.

2,You can't run windows media player if you entered the wrong version value.This will indicate when you run the windows media player.They ask to download the wmploc.dll file from with correct version number.We can see which version number actually it needed. .Modify with That number.

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HI.It work well.

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Hey buddy there was 3 files only. It not contain wmploc.dll file

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it not working please tell me wht can i do?

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Thanks budy this work

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