Sunday, February 15, 2015

Windows Phone 10 Technical preview is now available for Windows phones

A long waited dream happened! Microsoft launched Windows 10 Preview for Phone. I have been waiting since they announce new Widows phone OS along with Windows 10 OS, i had  installed Windows phone insider application but got some bad news " No build for your device". I was angry and unhappy but yesterday everything change, i got my long waited OS on my Nokia Lumia 630. One thing is true, This OS will work on phone which run on Windows 8 and higher. Thanks Microsoft !....

Lets come to the Windows phone OS? Good or Bad

First answer is Super!! Fast !! and More customization than previous builds , one of the interesting feature is about Background images, now we can fit background to full screen , no black or white borders. It will fit on screen. Only thing you need is a Good background image that match with your color scheme.
Windows 10 for phone

More features on Notification center :  On Windows 10, we have lots of features in Notification center, more powerful and more icons. We can add more more title/icons on notification center.
Notification center
Microsoft also added some features on Application list, Latest installed application will listed on the top, below this Application will list alphabetic order. So user can easily find latest installer applications.

Settings :  More customization options available, minor UI changes can be seen on Settings window and intelligent listing of items.

Cortana:  Cortana has some minor UI changes, may be there will be new features.

At this moment we write about features those have visible changes or features those are not in Windows 8.1. But coming days we will go through phone and update as soon as possible

How to Install latest build on your device 

1. Install Windows phone insider

2. Join in Window insider program ( Require Microsoft/ Outlook account )

3. Run application and check whether you have latest build

4. Follow instructions and download build

5. Restart Phone experience changes !!!
Windows phone 10 Technical preview build
Nokia Lumia 630 runs on Windows 10

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Your friendly neighborhood parental control app

There is no better feeling in the world than to see your kids grow up to be good human beings. A strong wave of smartphone popularity all the across the globe has raised plenty of concerns for parents. Parents believe that excessive smartphone usage by kids effects their health and other aspects in major ways. Too much smartphone usage leaves pretty less time for kids to give to their studies which results in less learning for them and poor grades. All day long usage of smartphones also results in health issues for kids, such as eye-sight problems and less sleep. Abuse of anything is never good, therefore parents need to ensure a balance between smartphone usages of their kids.

A handy tool:

You can never be sure of the activities of your kids unless and until you stand on their head 24/7. But that is not possible, is it? Use of a parental control app could turn out to be pretty handy for you in getting updates about every single activity of your kids. Xnspy is a one such app that works discreetly inside the cell phone of your child without even giving them a hint of its presence inside their cell phone. Within minutes, this app gets installed inside your child’s phone and updates you with every single activity related to their smartphone.

View Location history:

Working with the help of the GPS navigator inside your child’s smartphone, you get to track their exact GPS location. This feature is known as ‘View Location history’ With this feature, you get to know for sure that your kids are at school or at a safe place where they should be and are not visiting someone that you have to them not to.

Call and SMS messages Logs:

All the incoming and outgoing phone call records of children are shown to parents with the help of this parental control app. These records even include the date, time and duration of each and every call. Even records of all the SMS messages sent and received on the smartphone of kids are shown to parents. You even get to view any messages deleted by your kids from their cell phones.

A simple solution:

Compatible with all the latest iPhone and Android handsets, this parental control app is the ultimate solution to all your parental woes. Now you don’t need to worry anymore. Simply get this app Xnspy installed inside your child’s smartphone and keep them safe from all the troubles out there.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to use Whatsapp on Computer

We were waiting, not we were , most of us, to use Whatsapp on Computer, or on Windows PCs.  Today the same day of Windows 10 event, whatsapp launched a Desktop version. This is not a fully Desktop version, it actually a Chrome extension but it work well.

How to use Whatsapp on Google chrome 

1) We need one of the device ( Windows phone, Android, iOS, Blackberry) and whatsapp application.
2) This feature available only in updated whatsapp version. Goto Whatsapp website (using any of your mobile browser), then to download page using one of the above device
3) On the download page, it will redirect to your App store/ Play store/ Windows store
4) Update Whatsapp 
5) Open latest Whatsapp application

7) Goto menu, You can see whatspp web under archived chat ( on windows )
8) Scan QR code form this website

Lets start whatsspp for web
Whatsapp for Computer
Limitations : It is not an actual application, Your Tablet or Mobile phone should have Internet connection to access this application...

Monday, December 29, 2014

How to install Apple Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite on Intel Computer

We use Windows, Linux, most of them use  one of them. Both are popular but different technologies. Even though these are different, there is one thing common ,  these can be installed on any PC, whether it runs on Intel or AMD or another ARM processors. Beside these operating system, we also have Apple Mac OS X , very popular but it come with its own hardware and not available like Windows or Linux. Later they stop selling OS's DVD or USB, now it is only available through Mac store. It is very difficult to get genuine operating system if you don't have any mac computer.  Past, they use Power PC's to run mac operating system, PowerPCs use a different processor made from IBM and Motorola but later Apple decided to use Intel processors, from that time, Apple OS X  can be installed on Intel processors. We can install it on any Intel processors but it won't compatible with other third party devices like LAN, Sound, WiFi etc.. Many of these issues can be fixed using Multibeast software and other related kext files.

In this article we write about Yosemite, Apple's latest operating system. Yosemite has lots of new features for this modern world. It communicate with other devices like Apple I phone and iPad better than from old days. You can  continue where you left on one devices from another devices if it connected. There are lots of new features on new Yosemite, refers Apple website to learn more.

Lets install Max OS X 10.10, Yosemite on Computer

1, You need a Apple Mac OS X 10.10 installation software, Download ( Update : kickass change domain from kickass[dot]so to kickass[dot]to so new download link :
kickass[dot]to/os-x-yosemite-10-10-14a389-for-intell-pc-t9722323.html  )

2, You need a Intel computer
3, You need a 8 GB or higher USB disk
4, You need a secondary hard disk ( optional)

Lenovo Z570 with 2nd generation Intel i5 Processor, 16 GB USB 3.0 pendrive, Samsung 250GB SSD, WD 750 GB HDD

Here I used a secondary hard disk, I use my system in office too, so i don't want to lose anything from computer and don't want to harm my operating systems. So i removed original one and replaced with another one for mac installation. Some time it may damage your current boot loader, it won't delete any files but there is a chance to damage bootloader. If you don't have another one, you can install it on your current hard disk. Take backup for your data and create recover disks and usse it if you face any troubles. If you want to install it on your current hard disk, empty one of partitions and use Disk utility software to create mac partitions ( If you know what is FAT and NTFS, there is a similar format for Mac OS X operating systems,. In order to install mac you must change to that format). If you have another hard disk, you can create mac partitions using MacDrive 9 software. Watch video below  to know How to create mac partitions using Windows operating system. This video also show How to create mac bootable disks.

Once you create bootable usb disk, restart your computer and press F12 and get the boot options, select USB disk and press Enter, Press 1 to get Chameleon bootloader which is better than Clover. If you don't get this bootloader, restart your computer and press F2 during start up, Goto Boot options and set USB disk to high priority, move it to the top of the list, save and restart and select USB disk from boot options (F12), press 1 during booting and get Chemelon. Watch the video below, we explain everything on that video.

You should change to ( From options on Chamelon boot loader )

Boot args : -v or -x
Graphics Injector menu : Uncheck Inject Intel
Then return to bootloader home, select installer USB and continue installtion

Watch our video to get full installation steps.

Using Disk utility software 
Utilities - Disk utilities 
Select Disk/Partition  
Or Erase tab,  Change format and click on Erase button
Change format then Erase it

In this way you can create mac partitions

Post Installation :

Install multibeast software.
Install specific kext files.

If you have any questions, comment it here or post on our Facebook page.Do you like this article then share it..

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Approach

Marketing your products in the social media has become an indispensable part of your business development. In the technologically advanced generation, a business without a social media exposure is bound to sink like a leaked boat.

With social media coming up with constant changes, marketing on the social media platform is getting complex day in and day out. Facebook recently has incorporated some tweaks which have forced many marketers to exit Facebook as a business promotional platform. Facebook is the leading social media network globally. Hence business promotion on Facebook is bound to have a huge audience.

In order to promote your business on Facebook there are certain guidelines that needs to be followed.

Select your Target Audience:

Determine who your target audiences are. You can promote your business gradually in Facebook if you sketch out and select your target audience. A well planned promotion is bound to succeed. Make sure who you cater to and promote your product accordingly. Make the queries of your clients the basis of your promotional strategy.

Increase your Site Traffic:

Your website is the window for your business. It is through this space that your target audience will be able to learn more about your products. Hence it is necessary to have more and more traffic channelized towards your site. It can be achieved by linking your sites with the social media sites. Putting the Facebook link in the websites lets quick sharing of the site in Facebook through direct links.

Utilize your Email Signature:

Utilizing your email signature ensures that you put in some of your specific traits into the promotional page. It is advisable to use your email signature in your fan page to pull in more traffic. Placing your Facebook icon in close proximity of your email address might trigger your email receiver to click on the links. This would indirectly generate more traffic.

Promoting Offline:

You know that you have a Facebook page. But do your customers? Promoting offline will encourage people to see check it online. Put up flyers and pamphlets with your Facebook information. You can also include your Facebook account information in your Office walls, product packages etc.

Establish time of Post:

You have already determined your target audience. You also need to know their behavioral traits. Your posts need to have maximum exposure. Hence you have to determine which time of the day your audience remains online the most. Posting your ads while your audience is online makes it more prone to audience seeing your fan page.

Schedule Your Updates:

Facebook provides a feature that lets you time your updates as per your advantage. You can pre-schedule your posts according to the time when your target audience is most active. Timely updates would surely pull in traffic. According to AMEX Open Forum Infographic, use of emoji in your update pulls up your visitors by 33%.

Incorporate Plugins:

You can expect rise in followers if you incorporate Plugins. Facebook plugins increases the brand awareness of your sites. You can also incorporate the side bar or like button of Facebook. The Plugin that you wish to use depends entirely upon you.

Interact with Your Clients:

Interacting with your clients, make your Facebook page more user friendly. Followers can assure that they would get some response if they have a query.  Interaction also with your clients makes you bond well with your customers and generates a sense of loyalty among them. You will have an added advantage of word -of -mouth publicity through this loyal client group.

These are few strategies a marketer can apply in their Facebook fan page to improve their site traffic. Promoting business through Facebook or any other social media is a gradual process. It takes time to establish. Once done no platform can give better exposure to your business that Facebook. Facebook has a daily user rate of more than 700 million. Hence you are bound to have a huge exposure and visitor to your page.

About the Author:
Emma is a freelance writer who writes informative articles for Social Media Writings

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Internet is not just for fun, It build our future

The wonders of the internet!

The internet has literally brought education centers, shopping stores and much more conveniences to our living rooms. We live in a technologically advanced era where we can easily learn whatever we want by sitting in the comfort of our homes, by the miracle we call the internet!  
It has been noted that the number of students enrolling in online courses has steadily been increasing over the past few years. Many universities, to accommodate this increasing demand, have started complete distance learning programs, instead of just one or two online courses. 

Let us discuss some merits of this system that has taken the world by storm. Moreover, to make a fair argument, discussed here are some demerits too.

The merits of learning online

In face to face instruction, the main barrier is location and time. The students living in developing countries do not have the luxury to jump on a plane and take classes on the campus. Moreover, the rising fee of these conventional universities is so high that all students cannot afford them. These online courses give students like these a chance to take courses of their choice, which are at par with the world’s best ranking universities at the convenience of their homes. 
Free Online courses
Online Education system

Furthermore, students have the chance to learn at their own pace and learning level. These courses provide the option of flexibility in learning schedules. Online learning can also accommodate different styles of learning by incorporating multimedia and various activities. These also help to build up better retention power in students. 
Nowadays, students can easily find assignment assistance service provider agencies online that not just provide them with the needed guidance, but they also have tutors that teach them step by step ways to instill more concepts. 

The demerits of learning online:

The greatest worry concerning this system is that students who do not know how to learn on their own become lazy and end up learning nothing. As there is not a structured schedule, students tend to get confused or just indolent when it comes to deadlines. Another problem that has been reported is that students miss that interaction with their peers and teachers and feel isolated. In short, they miss the whole college experience where they get to network and make connections that last for a life time. 
One impertinent concern is plagiarism and cheating. As the system is not regulated as yet, so surveillance is less and students can easily copy materials. 
One more concern is that slow internet connections and old hardware make it very difficult for students to access the needed materials on time.

Some conclusive remarks! 

Like all scientific inventions, this invention or service has both merits and demerits, but in the end it all depends upon how we, the users harness the power in the right way! We can either use it in the wrong way and it will eventually harm us or we can make the correct use and exploit it to the fullest to learn and grow. 

Author Bio: Mary Fernando has written articles on an array of topics. Currently, she is working with an assignment assistance service provider agency to lend her expertise to students who have trouble in writing. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

What a good landing page design company offers you?

Put simply, a landing page is that web page at which the visitor first arrives directed from your ad. A landing page is distinct from the entire website and it is generally designed for a single and focused objective or purpose. There shouldn’t be any global navigation offered on the landing page in order to keep it tied to the website. The reason is evident. You would naturally want to limit the options for your visitors to navigate to other sites. This will help you in your own conversion goal. In order to get good conversion rates, the first thing you need to ensure is a good landing page design company.

Importance of landing pages
Create a Landing page
Landing Page

Roughly, three reasons can be cited so far for the need or importance of landing pages. Here are they:

1. Conversion rates: A landing page design company needs to first ensure that the rate of conversions is improved. The main purpose of landing pages in the conversion of visitors into leads. A landing page that is targeted will always convert more number of visitors.

2. Better metrics: With a landing page that is targeted for conversions you can easily focus on what works and what does not. For example, if the landing page has a really high bounce rate and low time on page stat, there is a need to change the design of your landing page.

3. Cut down advertisement costs: Your landing page will also help you reduce advertisement costs. When you have more number of conversions through focused pages, more leads can be generated for increased sales revenues. This brings down the costs which will let you put greater funding into higher PPC ad budgets. A landing page design company would also ensure that your advertisement costs are cut down.

What is the importance of targeted landing page for SEO and PPC?

Landing page is crucial to the success of digital marketing. SEO and PPC are designed with the same aim. They aim at driving the targeted traffic to a specific web page. The web page can either be the home page of your website or the landing page. The primary aim of the visits is to increase the conversion rates. If there are no conversions resulting from this traffic, it is simply no use. The most important action that you want your visitors to take is converting them into leads or sales. It is therefore important to optimize a targeted landing page. It is important for the success of your SEO campaigns as well as for your PPC. A good landing page design company would take care of all these factors before coming up with a design for your landing page.

Landing page optimizing helps target specific keyword phrases

SEO consists in focusing on some specific keyword phrases for driving in targeted audience for the website. Your landing page design company would look into the requirement and need to provide long tail or short keywords in order to drive in the target audience. A targeted landing page that is optimized is perfect for the purpose of targeting these keywords. These specific keyword phrases are actually important for a digital marketing campaign.

Your landing page design company will also take care of the fact that it can check out how much effective an external link is. A perfect landing page design would make it more convenient for the visitors to find out the information they are in search of.

About the Author:Emma is a freelance writer who writes informative articles about Landing Page Design Company.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Protect your OST File and its Substance with IBID Info OST to PST Converter Utility

We all know how important is your emails and its related email client applications. If you are using MS Outlook your entire emails, messages, events, to-do-lists, calendar items, tasks which is created by you and appointments are saved on a server or on computer hard disk. The problem is arising when you cannot access your valuable data easily due to some issues. Time to time you get various error messages while you open your OST data, which may be a little bit confusing to you. There are numerous reasons which makes you OST data is spoiled. One of the common issues is synchronization you’re OST in Microsoft outlook with their mailbox on running exchange server. When this process is disturbed or fails to transferring data of OST file, you may notice that some files are missing from your mailbox. When this happens then your essential data is totally out of your reach.

In this unpleasant situation you should apply OST Integrity Check tool to check your OST file.  This (Scanost.exe) inbuilt utility offered by Microsoft Outlook used to analyze and repair synchronization issues. This utility deeply scans your OST file on running exchange server and repairs all possible corruption issues. But most of the times when disaster occurs and corruption is severely affect your OST file you should find a Brilliant IBID Info OST to PST Conversion Tool that is expert in conversion field and recover corrupt OST file.

So try this IBID Info OST to PST Converter tool which proves useful in case when OST file is corruption situation. This software safely performs conversion of OST to PST within seconds.
IBID free tools
IBID - OST to PST converter

Feature of IBID Info OST to PST Converter Software

  • Simply serves self-explaining user interfaces.
  • Better conversion rate guaranteed in corrupted OST file.
  • Convincing and useful client support and email conversion services.
  • Technical support is available for any corruption circumstances.
  • Quick delivery of IBID info OST to PST Converter software but no compromise on quality.
Benefits Offered by IBID Info Email Conversion Software

  1. Better email conversion rate, this will produce more return.
  2. No needs to worry about corrupt condition as software fix all corruption errors.
  3. High quality, and succeeds even on situation where Scanost.exe fails to repair OST file.
  4. Recover OST file which is inaccessible by the conversion of OST to PST.
  5. Better email conversion rate, this will produce more return.
  6. No needs to worry about corruption conditions as software fix all corruption errors.
  7. High quality, and succeeds even on situation where Scanost.exe fails to repair OST file.
  8. Recover OST file which is inaccessible by the conversion of OST to PST.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Download Dedicated Google Hangout Application for Windows

Skype, Hangout , both are popular among internet users, products from two big IT giants. Skype is more popular because we can use it for chat, video chat, file share and most important thing, can be used to call telephones. Hangout  has many draw backs with its merits, one is dedicated application. Skype is available on all platforms and also in Facebook and Outlook. Hangout hadn't any dedicated software on Windows and Mac until today, today Google announced a dedicated Google chrome application on Windows and Google chrome OS. It is Chrome application, but we can used as ordinary Windows application, check below image.

Google hangout for Windows
 Features :

- It remaining on Desktop even though we close, turn off Google chrome browser.
- Application can be turned off using close button.
- Application starts when we open Google chrome browser
- Google plus friends lists
- Recent chat
- Can be open many chat.

Download from Chrome store : Google Hangout

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Download Windows 10 preview from Microsoft website

Yes, After a long gap, today Microsoft announced the next Windows operating system, Windows 10 to the world. There is/was no Windows 9, Microsoft jumped to Windows 10 from previous Windows 8.

New Changes ? New Ideas ? New Desktop

Windows 10 operating system take all good features from both Windows 7 and Windows 8. They now added Start menu, Tiles and Metro desktop in a different name. Unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 will work well on Desktop, Laptop and Tablets.

Windows 10 preview desktop

Start menu is back, live tiles added to start menu also, beside this metro desktop is also available, which is best for tablets and other touch devices.  Users can select any of them depend upon there needs. Another interesting feature is Multitasking,  in which users can add as many desktops and can perform multitasking.
Windows 10 multitasking
Metro applications

Metro Applications are not full screen 

You can see that, metro applications can be resize like ordinary windows softwares, on Windows 8.1 we can minimize and close but there was no resize. User can use it like ordinary applications.

There are thousand of new changes on Windows 10, Download Windows preview and install it on your device, you can see all. if you want to install, install it on Virtual Box or in VMware player. Preview versions may have bugs and it may harm your computer. 

Download Windows 10 preview version or try this link.

If didn't see download links please come back after some time....


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